Are Catholics (finally) finding religion?

Trump is leading by 9 points among Catholics.


A few weeks ago, WikiLeaks posted some emails in which senior Clinton staffers disparaged Catholics,

At the time I wondered if the disses would be a wake-up call to Catholic.

Apparently, the answer is “yes”

Trump has now opened up a sizable lead with Catholics … and with Protestants (which I assume includes Evangelicals)



Just in case you missed it, here’s our original post that covered the purloined emails:

The Last Acceptable Prejudice …

One of the WiliLeaks — that didn’t get much attention —  caught my attention:

Clinton’s senior staffers exchanged several emails that mocked the Catholic church, referring to it as a Middle Ages dictatorship”.


Raises a couple of questions …


First, do they think that this guy a “Middle Ages Dictator”?


Seriously, the most liberal Pontiff in the history of the Catholic Church?

OK, he still preaches that partial births abortions are a no-no … but, on most issues, he has moved the Church towards most planks of the Progressive platform.

I thought they’d love the guy.


Bigger question: if Islamaohobia is bad, how can Catholiphobia be OK?

In fact, no just OK, it’s socially fashionable.

I guess that isn’t really a surprise.

Many authors have referred to Catholicism as “the last acceptable prejudice”.

Not OK to raise your eyebrow at Jihadists who cut off people heads.

But, OK to trash Neanderthals who think that lives are sacred.

Go figure.

Only consolation for Catholics is that Team Clinton says that Evangelicals are even lower on the food chain.

Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel better,

Wonder what the priests will say at masses this Sunday.

My bet: it’ll be swept under the altar’s rug.

We’ll see.



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