Maybe Hillary should run for governor of California … here’s why.

She landslided California, but lost the combined popular vote in the other 49 states (& DC).


Dems are still carping that Trump’s ascendency is illegitimate since Hillary won the popular vote.

And, everybody knows that Hillary won big in California.

But, I was a bit surprised by how big her California win was … and its implications.

Bottom line: Clinton won the national popular vote by 2.8 million votes … buoyed by a 4.3 million edge in California.

Think about that for a second.



Yes, Clinton won California big time … but, Trump won the combined popular vote  of the other 49 states (& DC)

The MSM repeatedly observes that Trump followers drag their knuckles … and that Hillary dominated among the intelligensia.

So was Clinton’s success in California simply explained by Californians being smarter than the rest of the country?

Quick quiz: how does the average Californian’s IQ rack up against residents of other states?

The answer may surprise you ….


The United States IQ average  is ranked  #24 worldwide … with an average IQ of 98.

What about California? How does it rack-up against other states?

Answer: According to several sources, Californians’ average IQ is  95.5  (2.5 IQ points lower than the national average … ranking the state #48 in the U.S. (3rd from the bottom).

So much for the ‘dummies for Trump’ cliche … looks like they may have powered Hillary to a popular vote edge.

My suggestion: Clinton should dust off her Arkansas-to-New York carpetbag … move to California … run for Governor … and lead the state’s secession drive.

Why not?

Strikes me as a win-win …


Average IQ scores by state:




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2 Responses to “Maybe Hillary should run for governor of California … here’s why.”

  1. Paul Says:

    No sure I agree with the premise, but wouldn’t a better way to do this be weighted average of IQ x candidate vote by state?

  2. kapoore Says:

    I completely agree. In fact, I looked up this article because I was wondering if it had occurred to anyone else and I’m a Californian. Actually, I think Southern California should become part of Mexico. Central and Northern California (minus SF) should stay in the U.S. And San Francisco should be an outpost of China. We’d solve the border problem, and a good part of the electoral issues. We all speak Spaglish anyway.

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