President Trump arrives in Washington …

Press scrambling to find negative angles.


Let’s cut to the chase …

This is all that people will remember about President Trump’s speech last night.



Even Van Jones – former Obama Czar of Something and now a far-left CNN commentator – conceded:


Here’s the essence of Jones’s musings as reported in the Washington Post …:

That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics, period. And he did something extraordinary.

And for people who have been hoping that he would become unifying, hoping that he might find some way to become presidential, they should be happy with that moment.

For people who have been hoping that maybe he would remain a divisive cartoon, which he often finds a way to do, they should begin to become a little bit worried tonight, because that thing you just saw him do, if he finds a way to do that over and over again, he’s going to be there for eight years.

He did something tonight that you cannot take away from him.

He became president of the United States.

With that as a starting point, the media has a challenge on its hands … how to do some reverse alchemy and turn the gold back into straw?


For openers, let’s mash some of the media’s low hanging fruit:

1) Yeah, but he was reading from a teleprompter

Excuse, me

After 8 years of flowery teleprompter pablum from a guy who stammered and meandered when the prompter was stowed, I can’t take that one seriously.

2) Grandiose vision, but the devil is in the details


Tell me again how the oceans stopped rising and we all came together as one.

I don’t recollect a lot of detail devils being called out in the past 8 years.


OK, let’s get a bit “deeper” …

Here’s the Washington Post’s stab at it:


Geez guys, it’s only been 40 days and the Dems have strung out his cabinet appointments.

Despite that, in those 40 days, there’s been a lot of activity (meetings with foreign leaders and business execs) and some notable accomplishments (does anybody really believe that the new factory announcements are a result of the prior administration’s policies?).

OK, cut his bravado list in half …  and then in half again.

Still a lot on the list.

And, about the inaccuracies: you can check them out yourself in the WaPo

Paraphrasing my favorite:

“It’s misleading to say that 93 million able-bodied adults aren’t working if a large percentage of them are sitting on the couch and aren’t even looking for jobs.”

Say, what?


Maybe, everything is best summed up by Glenn Thrush in the NY Times:

In President Trump’s world, boring is disruptive.

After five-plus weeks of gleefully setting the Washington establishment ablaze and declaring a new war with virtually every public utterance, Mr. Trump took the radical step on Tuesday night of delivering a soothing comfort food of an address to a jittery Congress and skeptical public.

For the first time since his swearing-in in January, Mr. Trump seemed to accept the fetters of formality and tradition that define and dignify the presidency.

For all his newfound civility and message discipline, Mr. Trump cares most about this takeaway — proving he is an effective president at a time when his administration is being portrayed as short-handed, adrift and conflict-ridden in the media.

Read that last line carefully.

The key words “being portrayed … by the media”

Let’s see how the media portrays last night’s speech.



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One Response to “President Trump arrives in Washington …”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    The Democrats couldn’t find anything in the address to applaud? Really? I suspect like the quiet voters leading up to the election, they simply didn’t discuss their candidate – they just voted for Trump. Why get excoriated by an unhinged partisan ideologue? There had to be some Democrats who might well have clapped but were fearful of the response of their comrades. Their collective move to the left will undoubtedly hurt them in the next mid-term election if Trump continues his initial progress. Will they get it? I very much doubt it. They sat on their collective hands last night – a big mistake in my estimation if they ever want to get back their power.

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