Here’s my nomination for FBI Director…

Pundits have been throwing around names of possible Comey replacements.

For example, the NY Times list includes:

Andrew G. McCabe, the acting director of the F.B.I.;

Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas;

Judge Michael J. Garcia of the New York State Court of Appeals and the former United States attorney for the Southern District of New York;

Alice Fisher, a former top Justice Department official who would be the first woman to run the agency.

Mike Rogers,  the former chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, who represented Michigan and once served as an agent in the bureau.

One person strikes me as a perfect choice … but I haven’t heard his name mentioned.

Here are his qualifications:

  • Considered by all to be squeaky clean
  • Holds a JD from Harvard (Obama’s alma mater).
  • Has a track record turning around big organizations
  • Was an outspoken Trump critic during the campaign
  • ID’ed the Russian threat before it became fashionable

So, who’s my pick?


You guessed it: Mitt Romney.

Mitt is a joint JD-MBA graduate from Harvard … a  Baker Scholar MBA … and a cum laude JD.

Not too shabby.

He turned around the Park City Olympics when it was floundering.

He served as a blue-state governor in Massachusetts.

He warned folks not to vote for Trump (but later vied to be Trump’s Secretary of State).

And, he identified the Russian threat 4 or 5 years before it became a Democratic rallying cry.


Remember the 2012 Presidential debates?

A key moment was when President Obama ridiculed Gov. Romney’s knowledge of foreign affairs.

When Romney said that Russia was the greatest geo-political threat facing America, Obama wise-cracked:

“Governor, the Cold War has been over for 20 years.  The 1980s are now calling for their foreign policy back.”

If your memory has faded, watch this 2-minute video clip …

Maybe if Mitt had won, we wouldn’t be an issue today.

Next best thing: Maybe, as FBI Director,  he can get this mess straightened out.

He’d get my vote …

* * * * *
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