NBC: Majority think Comey shouldn’t have been fired.

But, the numbers are, shall we say, curious at best.


NBC has been trumpeting results of a Survey Monkey poll that it conducted in association with Survey Monkey:

“A majority of Americans — 54 percent — think that President Donald Trump’s abrupt dismissal of FBI Director James Comey was not appropriate”.


Color me skeptical on this one.

Here’s why …


Let’s start with another poll on the same question ….

The Morning Consult poll found that Americans are pretty evenly split on Comey’s firing:

37% approve; 34% disapprove; 29% are clueless

63% of Republicans approve; 61% of Dems disapprove; Independents are evenly split.

Morning Consult sounds more like it, but there’s still more to our story …


What did people think a month ago?

Harvard University & Harris Polling conducted a poll April 14 to April 17.

In that poll, 46% of the respondents didn’t know who Coney was or had no opinion of him.

Only 18% had a favorable opinion of the former FBI Director; 36% had an unfavorable opinion.

Said differently …

2/3s of the respondents who knew who Comey was viewed him unfavorably (36% / 54% = 66%)


Since more than 8 in 10 viewed Comey unfavorably … or didn’t know who he was … it’s hard for me to believe that – less than a month later – a majority are hyper-distressed that Comey got canned.

NBC wouldn’t rig the numbers, would they?



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