NYT: “Acting F.B.I. director McCabe contradicts White House”

P.S. He also contradicted Comey, the Democrat’s main talking point and, oh yeah, himself.


Yesterday, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before a Senate oversight committee.

McCabe was Comey’s second-in-command … previously best known for having a wife who ran for office in Virginia with mucho financial backing from the Democratic party and Gov. Terry McAuliffe – a longstanding Clintonista.

The connection raised obvious questions about conflict of interests during the Clinton email investigation.

Point: he’s certainly not a shill for the GOP.



The mainstream media, led by the NY Times, took to headlining that:

Mr. McCabe rejected the White House’s assertion that Mr. Comey had lost the backing of rank-and-file F.B.I. agents.

“Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the F.B.I. and still does to this day.”


Let’s dig a little deeper …



About the Russian Investigation

Even the Times concedes that:

Mr. McCabe also said that the firing of Mr. Comey had not affected the Justice Department’s investigation of Russia’s meddling in the presidential election.

McCabe went even further with an emotional commendation of the integrity and work-ethic of the FBI’s organization and agents.

Paraphrasing: “Nothing will stop them from doing there duty”.


So much for the Dem’s main talking point that Trump’s canning Comey was a blatant act to put the kibosh on the Russia inquiry.


Now, let’s go for a twofer …

Remember when Comey said that his decision to give Hillary a stay-out-of-jail-free card had “unanimous” agreement within the agency?

Technical note: SAT prep courses teach students to be wary of words like “always”, “never” and, of course “unanimous”.

And, attempting to debunk the morale issue, McCabe spoke to Comey’s broad and deep support within the agency.

But, when questioned by Sen. Joe Manchin …

MCCABE: I think morale has always been good, however we had — there were folks within our agency who were frustrated with the outcome of the Hillary Clinton case and some of those folks were very vocal about that — those concerns.

OK, maybe that doesn’t fully contradict his “broad and deep” testimony, but it sure takes the edge off of it.

And, it certainly rebukes Comey’s claim of unanimous support for letting Hillary off the hook.


Viva “Lock her up”

Trump seems to have been content with dropping the Clinton case … probably presuming that she’d just fade away and do no harm.

But, Hillary is back from her unauthentic walks in the woods … is again hyperventilating about Comey & the Russians … and is now trying to assume leadership of the resistance movement.


She’s probably violating the de facto terms of Trump’s “hands off” policy.

And, one of Comey’s main arguments – unanimous consent – has been shattered.

Most important, Clinton’s protectors – Obama, Lynch. Yates and Comey – are now out of the process.

So, if the Dems keep throwing their hissy fits re: Comey and the need for a special prosecutor…

Watch for a re-opening of the Clinton email case.

If it is re-opened –- either by the FBI (as directed by Sessions and Rosenstein) or by a special prosecutor – -expect the case to be thrown to a Grand Jury.

Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?



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One Response to “NYT: “Acting F.B.I. director McCabe contradicts White House””

  1. markdavenport70 Says:

    Perhaps you missed the president confessing on camera yesterday to firing Comey to interfere with the Russia investigation because he decided himself that it was “fake.” And inviting Comey to dinner to ask him if there was an investigation of him. And then calling Comey to ask again. And then threatening him on Twitter this very morning.

    What relevance does McCabe have when the president has already confessed to the actions under discussion?

    In the broader context, this B.S. he-said/she-said partisanship is so old. “Dems” and “Clintonistas”… Blah, blah, blah.

    Imagine this scenario: Hillary Clinton owns a golf course and charges the secret service to rent golf carts when she golfs there every weekend, pocketing the profits. You okay with that? Of course you are. It doesn’t make your blood boil at all. And that’s the LEAST of what’s going on.

    The president and his administration are committing crimes and ethics violations on an almost daily basis. Sessions very clearly committed perjury for not noting the Mayflower meeting in his written follow-up. Price has clearly been insider trading. The Kushners are selling access to Chinese investors. Ivanka got Chinese trademarks approved the day after meeting with Xi.

    This is a pure kleptocracy and to assert otherwise is simply disingenuous. And to say that traditional partisanship is at work here is to be completely missing the big picture.

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