Are Comey’s memos stored in Pandora’s box?

The ‘Resistance’ has gotten what it wanted … and may rue the day.


Let’s keep this simple.

1) Democrats have been hollering for a special prosecutor, and

2) Comey reportedly wrote a memo-for-the-file – a practice that he’s known to have always done routinely – that says Trump hoped the Flynn investigation would go away … obstruction of justice? smoking gun?

3)  So, Robert Mueller got appointed Special Counsel to the FBI:

Mueller is authorized to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump,”  as well as “other matters that may arise directly from the investigation”.



OK, so Comey routinely wrote contemporaneous file memos documenting his interactions with his superiors … not just Trump … prior Presidents and DOJ bosses as well.

By definition, those memos are government property since they were created in direct connection to his job.

Mueller -– who has bi-partisan support as the last honest man – is authorized to pursue “other matters”.

Here’s where the Dems may be sorry that they got what they wished for …


It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure up some “other matters that may arise directly from the investigation”

Let’s do an easy one.

Say, Mueller concludes the Russians hacked the DNC computers.

Logical question is whether the Russians also hacked the classified documents on Hillary’s private server.

Comey has already said that the were “most probably” hacked by “unfriendly” governments.

Hmmm: Russia, hacking, presidential candidate.

Sounds like a matter arising directly from the investigations.

Let’s take a peek at Comey’s file memos.

After all, they must be available – Comey wouldn’t destroy government documents, would he?

Oh my: Obama said publically that there’s nothing there – get over it.


What did Lynch say or do?  Say, privately meeting with Bill Clinton, or publically?

Anything in your memo file, Director Comey?

Oh my: The Lynch saying “don’t worry, I won’t let it get away from me”.

Maybe Lynch was obstructing, too,

What about Holder?

You know: Fast & Furious, IRS targeting, Ferguson …

Got any memos, James?


Bottom line:

In their zeal to nail Trump, Dems may have really opened a Pandora’s box.

As the original Grandma Homa used to say:

Be careful what you wish for.



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2 Responses to “Are Comey’s memos stored in Pandora’s box?”

  1. markdavenport70 Says:

    Crooked actions by politicians of any party should face the appropriate light of day. Nobody would cry if Clinton or Lynch or whoever had actual transgressions investigated. Sure, look into why WJC was talking to Lynch on the runway (as opposed to “Benghazi,” which I still can’t tell you what was actually being investigated).

    This whole “party before country” stuff is getting really old. Open that box and give us transparent government again…

  2. John Milnes Baker Says:

    Mark said: “Nobody would cry if Clinton or Lynch or whoever had actual transgressions investigated.” Want to bet? I can hear it now weeping and wailing and complaining about the unfairness of it all. Let’s hope that Mueller does his job as quickly as he can – Fake news? I think so, but let’s see what happens now. Let’s see what “other matters … may arise directly from the investigation.” I suspect your grandma Homa was right ……..

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