USAA: “Just kidding”… u-turns back to Fox.

Here’s the letter they sent to veterans who threatened to move their insurance business.




For those who were busy celebrating Memorial Day, here’s the story in a nutshell:

  • Fox ran a story about a DNC staffer who was victim of an unsolved murder … alleging that he (not the Russians) leaked the DNC memos to WikiLeaks
  • Media Matters – a very leftist news tracking service – called for a boycott of FoxNews (for trying to derail the Trump-Russia narrative) … especially the Sean Hannity Show.
  • Several advertisers joined together in the boycott, including (home security), (matresses) … and USAA (insurance for military families)
  • Many USAA customers – who like Fox’s pro-military opining –complained that USAA’s action was strictly political.
  • USAA said that its policy is not to advertise on opinion shows – but it was proven that they advertise extensively on MSNBC
  • USAA announced that it was pulling ads from MSNBC (to prove that its actions weren’t political
  • Media Matters and other left-leaning groups started to whine
  • So, USAA closed the circle by announcing that it will advertise on both Fox and MSNBC “until it concludes a review of its advertising policies”

Here’s a HomaFiles exclusive: the letter that USAA sent to its veteran-customers who threatened a retaliatory boycott on USAA…


Letter from USAA to customers:



Let’s unpack the letter:

“Cassandra Madrigal”: the letter isn’t sent by the CEO himself … shouldn’t he be speaking for the company and taking responsibility?

“USAA became aware that we had advertised on” … say, what? … when I was a Marketing VP my team new exactly what shows we were advertising on …. that’s standard operating procedure.  If the USAA marketers didn’t know, they should be for for incompetence.

“The decision to remove our ads had nothing to do with …” : When an action follows within 24 hours of a call for a boycott, it’s reasonable to conclude that the 2 actions are related.

“ While we review our policy”: English translation “when things die down, we’ll pull our ads from Fox again, and hope that nobody notices”.


In one svelte swoop, USAA has managed to shift its brand image from competent customer service … to incompetent political activist.

Not sure that’s what they intended …


P.S. “My Pillow” was not one of the advertisers who joined the boycott … whew!


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