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Seriously, is this good marketing?

March 1, 2018

This week, a handful of companies ended co-branding arrangements with the NRA (think: NRA-brand credit cards) … or stopped offering discounts to NRA members.

Companies include airlines (United and Delta); car rental agencies (Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo), insurance companies (Met Life & Chubb).

I understand the current level of hysteria and pressure being brought to bear on the companies

But, the country is pretty evenly spilt on the guns issue.

So, I scratch my head wondering why the companies would explicitly carve tens of millions of NRA-supporters out of their market.



One company that specifically caught my eye is SimpliSafe … the internet-based home monitoring system.


USAA: “Just kidding”… u-turns back to Fox.

May 31, 2017

Here’s the letter they sent to veterans who threatened to move their insurance business.




For those who were busy celebrating Memorial Day, here’s the story in a nutshell:

  • Fox ran a story about a DNC staffer who was victim of an unsolved murder … alleging that he (not the Russians) leaked the DNC memos to WikiLeaks
  • Media Matters – a very leftist news tracking service – called for a boycott of FoxNews (for trying to derail the Trump-Russia narrative) … especially the Sean Hannity Show.
  • Several advertisers joined together in the boycott, including (home security), (matresses) … and USAA (insurance for military families)
  • Many USAA customers – who like Fox’s pro-military opining –complained that USAA’s action was strictly political.
  • USAA said that its policy is not to advertise on opinion shows – but it was proven that they advertise extensively on MSNBC
  • USAA announced that it was pulling ads from MSNBC (to prove that its actions weren’t political
  • Media Matters and other left-leaning groups started to whine
  • So, USAA closed the circle by announcing that it will advertise on both Fox and MSNBC “until it concludes a review of its advertising policies”

Here’s a HomaFiles exclusive: the letter that USAA sent to its veteran-customers who threatened a retaliatory boycott on USAA…


“Don’t eat at Chick-fil-A” … say, what?

May 11, 2016

Chick-fil-A opened it’s first NYC outlet a couple of weeks ago.

It didn’t take long for uber-liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio to tell residents to boycott the restaurant.




What’s his beef? (<= pun intended)

No, it’s not because of unsavory chicken or excessive customer service or Sunday closures (though the latter hints at the “problem”).

It’s because the company’s deeply religious President is a fan of traditional family values.

How are New Yorkers responding to the Mayor’s urging?