Seriously, is this good marketing?

This week, a handful of companies ended co-branding arrangements with the NRA (think: NRA-brand credit cards) … or stopped offering discounts to NRA members.

Companies include airlines (United and Delta); car rental agencies (Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo), insurance companies (Met Life & Chubb).

I understand the current level of hysteria and pressure being brought to bear on the companies

But, the country is pretty evenly spilt on the guns issue.

So, I scratch my head wondering why the companies would explicitly carve tens of millions of NRA-supporters out of their market.



One company that specifically caught my eye is SimpliSafe … the internet-based home monitoring system.


I understand that SimpliSafe is a darling among  Millennials … and that the service provides users with some level of safe-feelings.

But, based on my experience in the product category, the safe-feeling is way more over-rated.

False alarms are a major problem for local police.

So, home alarms are a low priority for police calls … and, in some communities, are subject to a charge since they mis-fire so often.

And, if you think that police spring into full force search & apprehend mode when you show them a screenshot of an intruder, you’re living in a dream world.

Case-in-point: When I was victimized by an identity thief, I needed a police report to freeze my credit account.

The officer was very polite, very dutiful and frightfully honest.

“I’ll write up the report for you, but don’t expect us to do anything with it.”

I wasn’t shocked, that’s what I expected.

My bet: home burglaries are lower than identity thefts on the police hit lists.


So, why is SimpliSafe ditching the NRA?


The company gets a lot of free publicity …. probably more visibility than all of their paid advertising.

And, the free publicity scores with their target market: the internet-crazed Millennials.

Makes perfect sense.

So, pardon me if I’m skeptical about their motives.

BTW: Also this week, — SimpliSafe’s most direct competitor inked a billion dollar deal with Amazon.


P.S. What will these NRA-ditching companies do when they get pressure from other wedge-issue advocates?

It’s not a matter of “if” … it’s a matter of “when” …

See, Say.  Hear, DO !
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