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Seriously, is this good marketing?

March 2, 2018

Here’s the answer to yesterday/s question

Yesterday, we posted that several companies have announced that they are cutting any ties that they had with the NRA.

We argued that the the number of gun owners and NRA-supporters was sufficiently large that the move might backfire.

Well, the first results are in.

Left-leaning Morning Consult polled 2,200 adults and asked them whether they view companies favorably or unfavorably … both before they split with the NRA … and after.

Gotta believe that Morning Consult (MC) expected a groundswell in favor of the companies that ditched the NRA.

To MC’s credit, they published the results … which are exactly the opposite.

Specifically, MC calculated each company’s “net favorability” …  the percentage rating the company favorably, less those who rated the company unfavorably.

All of the companies experienced a drop in net favorability.

The biggest loser: Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

“Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s favorability rating slid from 61% to 50% , while its unfavorability rating jumped from 12% to 25%.


So, I ask again: “Seriously, is this good marketing.”

Rarely does it pay to tell half of your customers that you don’t want their business.””

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Seriously, is this good marketing?

March 1, 2018

This week, a handful of companies ended co-branding arrangements with the NRA (think: NRA-brand credit cards) … or stopped offering discounts to NRA members.

Companies include airlines (United and Delta); car rental agencies (Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo), insurance companies (Met Life & Chubb).

I understand the current level of hysteria and pressure being brought to bear on the companies

But, the country is pretty evenly spilt on the guns issue.

So, I scratch my head wondering why the companies would explicitly carve tens of millions of NRA-supporters out of their market.



One company that specifically caught my eye is SimpliSafe … the internet-based home monitoring system.