Seriously, do you want ME packing heat?

In yesterday’’s post, I advocated posting this sign at all schools ASAP.



It sends a clear message that students’ safety is important … it might deter one or more potential school shooters … and it cleverly ducks the question of whether school personnel can (or do) pack heat.

How many school personnel are authorized?

Maybe all … or some … or none.

That’s a policy question that needs to be resolved …. but sign-interpretation is in the eyes of the beholders.

Maybe a potential shooter or two will be deterred.

That’s enough to justify the signs.


OK, so what about the policy question?


For sure, I don’t think that teachers should be held responsible for school security and coaxed into becoming armed.

Couple of reasons:

1) Some teachers don’t want to be armed.  Count me in that group.  I’ve never owned or shot a gun and don’t plan to.  I bet there are others like me.

2) Teachers are trained to teach not to shoot guns at bad guys.  Cursory gun training won’t turn them into security professionals.

3) Teachers are already stretched far beyond their expertise.  Besides teaching, they’re asked to be surrogate parents for broken nuclear families, pastors for students who aren’t learning right & wrong anyplace else and child psychologists for kids with untreated issues..  Let teachers teach!

4) Results are unpredictable and potentially dangerous.  How will amateur security personnel respond in dangerous situations? Will they cower or, worse yet, will they just make students vulnerable to “friendly fire”?

5) It’s only a matter of time until some teacher, somewhere snaps and becomes the problem … rather than part of the solution.  Who will take responsibility for that when all hell breaks loose?


That said, I’m ok with very well-trained, meticulously-certified school personnel volunteering for special service and having ready access to weapons.

In the certification process, besides shooting proficiency, I’d require a rigorous psychological screening to calibrate (1) how the volunteer is likely to respond to a clear & present danger (2) the risk that the volunteer might snap and become the danger.

Given the bravery of the Parkland football coach who lost his life trying to protect the students, I’m especially intrigued by the idea coaches (think: football and wresting) serving as auxiliary security agents in school.

Many of them are long on brawn and have light teaching responsibilities (think: health & driver’s ed) …. why not repurpose them as “bouncers” at access points and, perhaps, train them in weaponry?

Might help….

P.S. One thing became obvious from Trump’s meeting with governors: Teachers packing heat is a local issue, not a Federal issue.  All the Feds need to do is not disallow it.  Let the locals decide what works in their community.  As their governors explained, Texas is a lot different from Washington.
See, say.   Hear, DO !
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