School safety: Here’s something that can be done today …

There’s a rationale and some evidence – albeit spotty and disputable  — that the following types of signs deter most burglars:



So, here’s the sign that I’d post at all schools starting today…



The sign sends a clear message that protecting students is a priority.

Before you start to hyperventilate, read the language very carefully.

The sign makes no representation regarding the number of school personnel who are “authorized”.

It may be all … or some … or none.

That’s in the eye of the beholder … and it completely ducks the question as to whether teachers and other school personnel should be packing heat.

For the record, I think that school security should be the responsibility of well-trained professionals, not well-intended amateurs.  More on that tomorrow …

Will the sign stop school shootings?

Maybe only in a rare case at the margins.

But, stopping just one school shooting would be good enough for me.

Especially since the signs would only cost a couple of dollars each …  and Congressional showboats  wouldn’t have to approve them.

As President Trump likes to ask:

“What have you got to lose?”

See, say.   Hear, DO !
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