The sheriff’s BIG mistake …

During last week’s CNN-staged “Town Hall”, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel attacked NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

Israel told Loesch that she wasn’t standing up for the students:

“You just told this group of people that you are standing up for them. You’re not standing up for them, until you say I want less weapons.”

The hand-picked CNN crowd erupted in support.


He was the hero of the moment, but may rue his attack.

Predictably, the NRA struck back:


Does the NRA have a point?


As I often say, I’ve never owned or shot a gun and don’t have plans to do either.

I see both sides of the guns issue, so I’m pretty ambivalent about the NRA.

In this case, I think the NRA does have a point.

First, there’s the question about the 18 times (or more according to some press reports) that local police and sheriff’s deputies responded to “welfare calls” when the shooter was exhibiting erratic and threatening behavior, i.e. scaring the hell out of people.

No harm, no foul.

No action taken … 0 for 18 for Sheriff Israel’s crack team.


Then, there’s the question of the first-responders who didn’t respond.

The school’s security officer – a Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy – was forced to resign (at full benefits, of course) for cowering outside the school when shots were being fired inside the school.

Now, there are reports that 2 or more other Broward Sheriff deputies are under investigation for “dereliction of duty.”  (<= the Sheriff’s words, not mine.)

They were first-responders to the scene, but elected to stay outside and wait for the SWAT team to show up.

Note: There are some reports that the first responders (including medical personnel) were given “stand down orders” and not permitted to enter the school building.


I was stunned to hear a  union rep for the deputies say that “their highest priority is getting home safe at night to their families.”

On a human level, I get it.

I wouldn’t be inclined to run into the line of gun fire … unless, of course, one of my grandkids was in the school.

But, I don’t represent myself as “serving & protecting”.

These sheriff’s deputies do … that’s their job.

When crunch time came, they failed to protect.



The deputies’ disappointing behavior can only be a matter of 4 things: bad policy, bad training, bad supervision or bad selection.

All 4 are ultimately the responsibility of the Sheriff.

My bet: Sheriff Israel will be forced to resign in the next couple of weeks.

And, he’ll have only himself to blame.

If he stays, he should shut-up, stop trying to deflect blame and do his job.


Update: After writing this post, I watched an interview with Sheriff Israel conducted by CNN’s Jake Tapper.

It’s  incredible at several levels.

Note: “Incredible” means not credible

First, the interview was conducted by Tapper — the ringmaster for CNN’s town hall circus — who let Sheriff Israel rant at the town hall.

So, Israel had every reason to believe that the interview would a “friendly” one.

Not so, Tapper — perhaps trying to redeem himself for his poor journalistic performance at the town hall — did a complete and total takedown of Sheriff Israel.

Tapper confronted Israel with each of the emerging issues of departmental in competency.

Israel stumbled through the interview like a deer caught in headlights.

He laid all blame on the school-assigned deputy who failed to charge the shooter … and laid claim to his providing “amazing leadership” to the department.

Tapper pounced on that: “Did you say ‘amazing leadership’?”

The interview went further downhill after that.

The interview is long (about 30 minutes) … it’s chilling, must watch TV.  Click to view it.

Tapper has redeemed himself a bit … and Sheriff Israel has dug an even deeper hole.

See, say.   Hear, DO !

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3 Responses to “The sheriff’s BIG mistake …”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    But the initial point that the NRA is not supporting the students is still valid. It does not matter that the Sheriff’s office did not perform correctly. The incident would have never happened in a society that valued lives over automatic firearms. The institution promoting firearms in the US is the NRA. They have never taken responsibility for that. The shift to blame the Sheriff is a typical NRA smokescreen.

  2. John Milnes Baker Says:

    “The institution promoting firearms in the US is the NRA. They have never taken responsibility for that.” With all due respect to John Carpenter, the NRA has always promoted and endorsed responsible gun ownership for law-abiding citizens. They have promoted background checks, training, etc. The Left ignores this and promotes the unrealistic notion of “gun free zones.” It’s a cliche that’s always ignored: Chicago has the most restrictive gun control laws in the US and a disgustingly high murder rate.” The other cliche is true: “If you outlaw guns – only outlaws will have guns.”

    • John Carpenter Says:

      This is just typical NRA misdirection. While the original purpose of the NRA may have been gun safety, including endorsing a total ban on loaded firearms in public places (1967), they have since been advocates of complete irresponsibility. The smoke screen of “endorsing” background checks while simultaneously lobbying (successfully) to eliminate funding and authority to achieve that goal is a long standing NRA tactic. The NRA even opposes the collection of scientific data on the effect of handguns in the US. Citing Chicago, or anyplace else as a case study in ineffective gun is another smoke screen. There is no gun control in Chicago, All one need to do is travel 5 to 10 miles from central Chicago to purchase a gun. A real measure of effective gun control is European and Australian programs where extensive and comprehensive gun restrictions had dramatic and irrefutable positive effects on reducing injury and death. There are many more cases of NRA two-faced manipulation. Thankfully the country is now beginning a discussion on the ludicrous NRA gun fetish.

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