Blame it on a Macedonian “content farm” … say, what?

Hillary is dishing why  she lost … except the obvious.


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She’s on a pre-release tour laying the groundwork for 2 books that come out this fall.

The last 2 days, she has been perched on a faux-throne at CodeCon and the Javits Center …spilling the beans on why she lost.


Of course, there are the usual villains: Comey, the Russians, WikiLeaks, deplorables, etc.

But, she’s also starting to turn on her support base: the DNC (bad data, no money, no ground game), mainstream media (for disclosing that she had classified docs on her server), women (both suburban and rural, urbans were ok), and low-information voters (her base !).

My personal favorite: “content farms in Macedonia” … apparently there’s an army of tech savvy social media writers based in Macedonia who turned their cannons on her.


Here’s a current list of culprits and ill-wishers …=========

Reported by the Daily Wire

1. Former FBI Director James Comey​

2. Sexism

3. The electoral system

4. WikiLeaks

5. “Minions”

6. Right-wing media

7. Mainstream media

8. Democratic National Committee

9. Democrat Party

10. 1,000 Russian agents

11. Vladimir Putin

12. Donald Trump

13. Republican-enabled voter suppression

14. Citizens United

15. Facebook

16. “Millions” of Twitter bots

17. Steve Bannon

18. Netflix

19. Infowars  & Other “Alt-right”  media

20. Bernie Sanders

21. Suburban women

22. Rural women

23. “Anti-American forces”

24. Bad polling

25. Low-information voters

26. “Content farms in Macedonia”

27. Fake news

28. Colluding Trump campaign officials

29. Stupid Americans who can’t tell the difference between real and “fake news”

30. The “broad assumption I was going to win”

31. Goosefer

32. DCLeaks

33. Data from the Republican National Committee

34. Technology

35. The FBI
click to view a Daily Caller mash-up of the excuses … it’s priceless entertainment.


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3 Responses to “Blame it on a Macedonian “content farm” … say, what?”

  1. Barney Says:

    She’s not mentioned vegetables. Is she discriminating against broccoli? UNFAIR!

    • Howard Robinson Says:

      In 2010 Obama,HRC, and Ambassador Jess Bailey tried to defeat the right center government of Macedonia with $15 million of tax payer money. $5million was given to George Soros and Open Borders Macedonia to translate Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals into Macedonian.

  2. Patricia Yeiser Says:

    Well, Pres Bush 1 famously didn’t like broccoli, but he didn’t blame his 2nd term loss on broccoli farmers. Rodham-Rodham is just desperate.

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