Do you carry your iPhone in your pocket?

Frequently causes a problem  … with an easy fix


I was at near-panic stage a couple of night’s ago.

I tried to insert my battery charger into the lightning connector port (pictured below) like I always do … but it wouldn’t go in all the way and the phone wouldn’t charge.



Oh no.

What to do?

First I tried another charger cable … figured that might be the problem since I sometimes buy accessories from OEMs instead of Apple.

No luck.

Then started to wonder where to take it for repairs:  Verizon (where I bought it)? Apple store (since it’s a iPhone)?

Concluded that it would be an out-of-warranty repair at the Apple store.

That can’t be good.

Then I decided to Google the problem …


My problem was a fairly common one…  that’s a bit skewed by gender.


Guys tend to carry their phones in their pockets.

Some gals do, too … but many (most?) carry their’s in a bag.

What’s wrong with carrying your iPhone in your pocket?

No problem with pockets per se.

But, the bottom of pockets tend to accumulate lint, dirt and other junk.

An iPhone’s lightning port is just big enough for dirt to get in … and small enough that the dirt gets stuck in there.

So, what’s the fix?

Simple … just take a wooden toothpick (safer than metal objects since their are electronics involved)  … stick it in the port to loosen any debris … then puff out the remnants (either blow into it or use a can of compressed air) … and start charging again.

Bingo.  I did it!

And now, you will.too when it happens to you.

Another public service from the HomaFiles.



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