Ouch: U.S. math scores continue to drop

U.S. now trails 39 countries …


The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) recently released its 2015 survey results for math “literacy” … and, the results aren’t pretty.

The average for 15-year-old U.S. students slipped to 470 on the PISA scale … down about 3.5% from 2009 … ranking the U.S. #40 among developed nations (see list at end of this post) … 20 points lower than the average of the 35 OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries.

The scores differential versus the OECD countries is roughly equal for the average, 25th percentile and 90th percentile … refuting claims that “our” best are head-to-head competitive with the the rest of the world’s best.




Digging a bit deeper into the numbers ….



In the U.S., whites and Asians outperform the OECD average…



Students attending schools with a majority of well-to-do students score near or above the OECD average.

Students attending schools with a majority of impoverished students score far below the OECD average.



U.S. ranks #40 … Canada ranks #10 …. what’s up with that, eh?




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One Response to “Ouch: U.S. math scores continue to drop”

  1. Sue Colletti Says:

    Too bad you don’t include a comparison of performance in charter schools vs. public schools. An editorial in the 9/5/2017 Chicago Tribune stated: “Students at The Noble Network of Charter Schools received the equivalent of nearly two years’ worth of math in a single year, according to Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes.” Noble, by the way, serves over 12,000 students at 18 campuses. Students are 98% minority and 89% low income.

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