What word annoys you the most?

Marist Poll releases 2017 list … mine wasn’t on it.


Every year, the Marist Poll conducts a survey to ID the word that most annoys Americans.

For the 9th consecutive year, this year’s winner: ‘whatever…’.

According to the folks at Marist, ‘whatever’ first gained infamy about 20 years ago  in the movie Clueless.


Here are the runners-up and my pick ….


Marist’s most annoying words

33% – whatever

23% – fake news

20% – no offense, but …

11% – literally

10% – you know what I mean

“Opinions differ based on age. A plurality of U.S. residents 45 and older, 40%, believe “whatever” is the most annoying spoken word. In contrast, 28% of Americans under 45 years old say “no offense, but” is the most bothersome.“


My most annoying word: ‘actually’ … As in “I actually went to the gym yesterday” … with ‘actually’ apparently being used to avid people thinking that there was a virtual trip to the gym.

But ‘actually’ didn’t even make the list.

Oh well, whatever …



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One Response to “What word annoys you the most?”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    I’m surprised that “Like” an “Ya’now” didn’t make the cut.

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