Obama’s tax cut bigger than Trump’s … say, what?

There’s spin … and then there’s dizzying spin.


I like to tune in to MSNBC to get a sense of what the far left is saying … and, for pure entertainment value.

To say the least, I was surprised that a constantly looped headline following Trump’s signing of the tax reform package was:



I had to scratch my head: What Obama tax cut?

At first, I assumed that they might be referring to Obama’s billion-dollar stimulus program which gave a dollar-a-day Tax Credit ($400 per worker and $800 per couple) in 2009 and 2010.


Here’s what they were talking about …


Sahil Kapur, a Bloomberg reporter, asserted on MSNBC right after Trump held a signing ceremony for his legislation in the Oval Office that:

“Even when it comes to cutting taxes, Trump comes up short compared to President Barack Obama.”

Note: “Even when … comes up short.”


Specifically, with respect to tax cuts Kapur pointed out:

“President Obama signed a larger one in 2013 while extending and making permanent most of the Bush tax cuts.”

Let’s unpack that claim.

OK, maybe Bush’s tax cut – adjusted for inflation – was deeper than Trump’s.

Let’s stipulate to that.

So, by not killing those tax cuts and imposing the biggest tax hike in American history, Obama lays claim to one of the biggest tax cuts in American history.


That, my friend, is twisted logic …



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