“When are things going to get fair?”

A hotel employee asked me that pointed question …


This is a story with a happy ending …

We were on a family road trip, staying at the Marriott Courtyard in Princeton, NJ.


After working out, my wife and I looked around for the usual coffee-in-the-lobby.

Not seeing any, we approached the front desk and asked where the coffee was.

The desk person said that the pay-for-coffee restaurant would be opening in 15 minutes.

A very nice lady standing behind the desk clerk offered: “Interested in a complementary cup  of coffee? Follow me …”

We did.

Here’s the rest of the story …


The lady was the restaurant manager.

She went back to the kitchen and drew a pot of steaming hot coffee for us.

We thanked her profusely and I quipped:

“When I fill out my form, I’ll recommend that you get a raise.”

She thanked me and I blurted out:

“And, if you get a raise, know that it’s from Ken, not Trump.”

Geez, what made me say that?

Her response: “Tell me, when are things going to get fair?”

I thought that I had stepped in it big time, especially since the nice lady was African-American and CNN assures me that Trump is a racist and that all Blacks hate Trump.”

Here’s where the story gets interesting.

She followed up saying: “I live in a bad neighborhood.  I  always worry that somebody’s going to break in.  I have to leave at 4:30 to start my shift here.  I’m always scared walking to my car.”

She continued: “I work my tail off and pay taxes.  I’m tired of my money going to people in my neighborhood who sell their food stamps to buy drugs.  And, to loafers who sit on the stoop all day.”

“When is somebody going to fix things to make them fair.”

I was going to say “Trump’s working on it” but …

Instead I just said: “Keep the faith and keep working hard … eventually, good things happen to good people.”

She said; “I sure hope so.”

After our showers, my wife headed back down to the lobby to tip the nice lady.

But, her question has continued to resonate with me:

“When are things going to get fair?”



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One Response to ““When are things going to get fair?””

  1. Sumanth R Says:

    I don’t have an exact answer, maybe I’ll add some choices for the audience to pick from:

    (a) When Ken runs for public office (I didn’t mean the Cuccinelli guy, the other one)

    (b) When instead of food stamps, we give out one-way bus tickets for people to get out of town (think: if an undocumented individual could tread a dangerous path to make life better for himself, why shouldn’t a citizen have the same privilege without breaking the law or the bank?). I would even say how about a one-time $10k check per family that relocates 100+ miles away – a-la “cash for clunkers” (was that popular or infamous?). Now, if there was a way to use the 10k for a rental home or kids school supplies instead of drugs… (thinking)..

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