There’s a common thread through mass murders …

And, it seems to be much overlooked

Kentucky’s  Gov. Matt Bevin has been vociferously opining that mass shootings are a “cultural problem.”

Bevin says: “We have become desensitized to death, we have become desensitized to killing, we have become desensitized to empathy for our fellow man … we have got to look at the root causes of this.”

During Trump’s televised Governor’s conference, Bevin’s remarks were met with a resounding:

“Yeah, whatever.”

And, the conversation shifted back to an easier topic, gun control. (<=sarcasm) 



But, to Bevin’s point, one researcher has looked at the “Deadliest Mass Shootings in Modern U.S. History” … and identified a common thread …


Suzanne Venker is a “cultural observer” who writes mostly on marriage, feminism and gender politics.

Venker observes:

Of the “27 Deadliest Mass Shootings” on CNN’s list, only one shooter was raised with his biological father present during his childhood.

Indeed, there is a direct correlation between boys who grow up with absent fathers and boys who drop out of school, who drink, who do drugs, who become delinquent and who wind up in prison.

And who kill their classmates.

Venker acknowledges that not all fathers are positive role models and  she’s not critical of single mothers who do their best to provide a safe, nurturing environment for their children.

In fact, she notes that the vast majority of boys raised by attentive single mothers don’t do bad things.

But, that doesn’t negate the the counter-fact that “boys with significant father involvement are not doing these shootings.”



I’d like to see broader research on some of these cultural influences.

The breakdown of the nuclear family is most likely a cause.

What about the devaluing of religion? The paucity of spirited, positive role models? The exposure to violent movies and games? Involvement in gangs or counter-cultural groups?

I would think that the FBI profilers have a pretty good idea who the likely shooters are.

Just gotta find them …

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One Response to “There’s a common thread through mass murders …”

  1. David C. Page, Sr. Says:

    There are 2 more common threads yet to be researched. Unfortunately HIPPA Laws may prevent thorough analysis. Many of the shooters reportedly had a history of behavior disorders. #1) What if Rx meds like anti-depressants actually worsened their “illness” and increased their anti-social, anhedonia, suicidal & violent behaviors? 2) What if they were Vitamin deficient (particularly B and D) in “simple” vitamins that can worsen depression, suicidal thoughts and violence? Deficiencies made worse by Rx meds! Too simple?
    Check the published research. $20/year/person of OTC vitamins can help prevent such behavior AND improve overall health at the same time.

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