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There’s a common thread through mass murders …

March 7, 2018

And, it seems to be much overlooked

Kentucky’s  Gov. Matt Bevin has been vociferously opining that mass shootings are a “cultural problem.”

Bevin says: “We have become desensitized to death, we have become desensitized to killing, we have become desensitized to empathy for our fellow man … we have got to look at the root causes of this.”

During Trump’s televised Governor’s conference, Bevin’s remarks were met with a resounding:

“Yeah, whatever.”

And, the conversation shifted back to an easier topic, gun control. (<=sarcasm) 



But, to Bevin’s point, one researcher has looked at the “Deadliest Mass Shootings in Modern U.S. History” … and identified a common thread …