“We ain’t got no chicken”

Finally, I can tell one of my favorite stories.

A couple of weeks ago, due to a “supply chain issue”, KFC ran short of chicken at many of it’s UK stores.

That’s a problem since:

1) The UK is KFC’s 5th biggest market – accounting for about 6% of company sales.

2) KFC is shorthand for Kentucky Fried CHICKEN !!!

That’s a big problem.



OK, here’s my story ….


Many years ago, I took my sons to a Baltimore area KFC to pickup a bucket for dinner.

We strolled in at a little past 7 p.m. and I tried to place our order.

Note the emphasis on “tried”.

Ken: We’d like a bucket of Original Recipe.

Clerk: We ain’t got no chicken.

Ken: Say, what?

Clerk: We got rolls and potatoes and stuff like that.  Want any?

Ken: How can you not have chicken?

Clerk: It’s after 7 p.m.

Ken: So what? You don’t close until 8.

Clerk: We’re what’s known as a “low volume store” and we’re not allowed to fry up any chicken after 7 o’clock.

Ken: Have any idea why you’re a low volume store?

Clerk: Want some rolls or mashed potatoes or not?

Ken: Let’s go boys.


For years, whenever driving past a KFC I’d yell “We ain’t got no chicken”.

Bet a lot of folks in the UK are now driving around (on the wrong side of the road) yelling the same thing.


P.S. KFC issued one of the most clever apology ads in history:


If you don’t get it, you just don’t get it.



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