Pew: 3/4 of adults are on the internet daily …

Over 25% say that they are on the internet “constantly”


According to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey, 88% of American adults use the internet … and about 90% of the users are online daily.

26% of American adults are constantly online … and another 43% go online several times a day.


                             Source: Pew Research

The profile of heavy users (constantly online) follows conventional wisdom … with a notable exception.


Heavy users are evenly split between men and women.

And predictably, heavy users profile as younger, richer, and more educated.


But, the racial profile of heavy users might win you some bar bets.

According to to Pew, there are more Blacks in the heavy user category than Hispanics or Whites,

And, there are more Hispanics in the heavy user group that Whites.

Said differently, Whiles are the least represented in the heavy user group.

Pew observes:

The share of blacks who are almost constantly online has risen 14 points since 2015.

The share of Hispanics  has gone up by 11 points.

Among whites, there has been little change.

Pew doesn’t provide any hypotheses to explain the levels or the trends.

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