Walking the talk …

How about housing a homeless family … in YOUR backyard?

I always grimace when my liberal friends want to raise my taxes, but not their’s.

Evidence : the blue states’ whining about the cap on state & local tax deductions.

Or, when they advocate for mass migration of refugees and immigrants … to other folks zip codes.

And so on …

But, there may now be a counter-case:

LA County is launching an initiative to provide housing the homeless …

KPCC Photo

The idea: LA county will provide loans and grants to homeowners to build HGTV-style mini-homes in their backyards … provided that the new tiny homes get inhabited to currently homeless folks.

Here’s how the plan works …


According to KPCC

Willing homeowners would get a loan or cash from L.A. County for constructing  homeless housing on their property.

The units would be one-bedroom apartments … that could either be built from the ground up, or from converting an existing structure like a detached garage … provided that the units have a separate entrance from the main house.

Specifically, homeowners could get up to a $75,000 loan for constructing a new unit, and up to $50,o00 for converting an existing structure.

The interest stops accruing after five years in the program, and the loan is forgiven after 10 years.

The prospective “tenants” would be folks who have an existing voucher to subsidize their rent.

The voucher amount would be payable to the homeowner as rent.

As the Director of the L.A. Community Development Commission put it:

“This is an opportunity for everyone to be an active participant in our ‘Everyone In’ initiative to addressing homelessness in Los Angeles county.”

In other words, an opportunity to walk the talk … instead of talking and making somebody else do the walking.

Of course, disinterested taxpayers will be funding the well-intended initiative.

But, the overall principle is good …
See, Say. Hear, DO !
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