More great moments in facial recognition …

Chinese snap jaywalkers … then shame or fine them.

Previously, we reported on on how the Chinese gov’t is using facial recognition to control toilet paper usage at tourist spots. See the post for gory details

Building on that success, the Chinese gov’t is now using facial recognition to ID jaywalkers … and then either shame them or fine them.


Here are the details …


According to sources

Cities in four Chinese provinces are cracking down on jaywalkers who cross outside of crosswalks … or cross when the “don’t walk” signal is blinking.

For openers, they snap photos of the perps and immediately display them on large video billboards.

Shame, shame.

Then, they process the photos with facial recognition software.

If they get a match, they post the perp’s identification information on the public screen, too.

As if that’s not sufficient …

The police notify the offenders that they been nabbed, and let them choose their punishment: a 20 yuan ($2.93) fine, a 30-minute long traffic safety course and or 20 minutes of assisting police in traffic control.

BTW: the info is posted as public record … and could potentially impact the offender’s credit rating and insurance premiums.

And Americans whine about red light cameras …

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