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Yes, the flight attendant really is checking you out …

May 29, 2018

Not for dating eligibility … for other good reasons.

A couple of  Flight Secrets Revealed caught my eye…

The first is obvious once it’s stated:

When you walk onto the plane you’re greeted by a flight attendant, right?

Usually,  it’s with an obligatory warm smile and an equally obligatory  “welcome aboard”.

Did you ever sense that the flight attendant was checking you out?



News flash, he or she was checking you out, but not because you’re hot …


More great moments in facial recognition …

April 16, 2018

Chinese snap jaywalkers … then shame or fine them.

Previously, we reported on on how the Chinese gov’t is using facial recognition to control toilet paper usage at tourist spots. See the post for gory details

Building on that success, the Chinese gov’t is now using facial recognition to ID jaywalkers … and then either shame them or fine them.


Here are the details …


You’re not paying attention !

August 24, 2017

Busting students using facial recognition software.


I always walk around the classroom when I teach.

Couple of reasons: it  burns off some nervous energy and it lets me peek at students’ computer screens.

The latter is the the acid test of attentiveness.


If I see one or two students checking email or sports scores, I figure it’s their problem and they move to the front of the queue for cold call questions.

If I see a lot of students “digitally distracted”, I figure that it’s my problem and I’ve got to adjust … e.g. shift out of lecture mode and into discussion mode.

That’s pretty straightforward in the classroom.

But, how to know if students are paying attention when they’re being beamed material online?


Great moments in facial recognition……

April 19, 2017

The Chinese have a novel application for the technology. 


According to the AP

To boost tourism, bathrooms at some Chinese tourist sites now use facial recognition to keep visitors from grabbing too much toilet paper.

Yep, you read that right.

Picture source

Here are the details…