Yes, the flight attendant really is checking you out …

Not for dating eligibility … for other good reasons.

A couple of  Flight Secrets Revealed caught my eye…

The first is obvious once it’s stated:

When you walk onto the plane you’re greeted by a flight attendant, right?

Usually,  it’s with an obligatory warm smile and an equally obligatory  “welcome aboard”.

Did you ever sense that the flight attendant was checking you out?



News flash, he or she was checking you out, but not because you’re hot …


First, they’re doing a security check … looking for “tells” that a passenger may be up to no good.

You know: darting eyes, sweaty brow, alcohol breath.

I like the idea of the cabin attendants doing a supplementary security check … unlike, TSA agents, they have a very personal interest in making the flight as safe as possible.

Future vision: expect cameras at the airplane doors, linked to real time facial recognition software.

Besides security checking, attendants are schooled to notice passengers who are

  • English speaking … and most likely to understand emergency commands
  • Physically fit … and capable to help in emergencies
  • Physically impaired … and might needing help in an emergency).
  • Traveling in a group …. especially a “suspect” group


Another  flight “secret” caught my eye because I’m a Diet Coke drinker:

Flight attendants hate it when passengers order Diet Coke as the beverage cart goes around.

The extremely carbonated fizz in Diet Coke takes forever to settle at a cruising altitude of 35,000.

So, Diet Cokes the most time to pour and slows the serving process.

If you’re a Diet Coke drinker, you can use the carbonation effect to your advantage:

Politely ask the attendant for a whole can of Diet Coke … odds are that you’ll get it.

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One Response to “Yes, the flight attendant really is checking you out …”

  1. John H Carpenter Says:

    True. More good advice. Pay extra and sit next to the emergency exit. Don’t take your shoes off. Don’t take things that make you sleepy, Chew gum.

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