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Great moments in facial recognition……

April 19, 2017

The Chinese have a novel application for the technology. 


According to the AP

To boost tourism, bathrooms at some Chinese tourist sites now use facial recognition to keep visitors from grabbing too much toilet paper.

Yep, you read that right.

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Has Starbucks cracked the code in China?

December 6, 2012

Punch line: Many Western retailers have attempted to cash in on China’s 1.3 billion consumers, with limited success.  Starbucks’s plan to localize the menu and experience might be the key to success.

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Excerpted from’s, “Starbucks Incorporates Local Tastes with China Expansion”

Western retailers have been completely bombarding China with products and sales pitches in recent years.

Having more than 1.3 billion consumers living within its borders can make a country’s citizens targets of such things.

Starbucks is about to go overdrive in its efforts to get the Chinese populace as dependent on their brand as plenty of Americans are, but the sell may not be so coffee-driven, but leverage the brand’s tea drinks and food menu.

China is still a tea-drinking nation.

So Starbucks established a research-and-development unit in the country in order to figure out what it could do to attract a larger audience than those looking for a cup of joe.

Starbucks China is serving up localized beverage and food items including a red bean frappaccino, green tea tiramisu, a Hainan chicken and rice wrap, a shredded ginger pork panini, and a Thai-style prawn wrap.


Here are some other winners & losers in the Chinese market.