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Uh-oh: Comey’s interview drew less than half of Stormy’s audience.

April 17, 2018

But,  he did have one bombshell revelation …

According to media sources, Stormy’s 60 Minutes interview drew over 20 million viewer’s … Comey drew less than 10.

And, the day-after reviews have been, well, not so good.

I’ve switched across cable stations Monday morning for the commentary re: Comey’s interview.

The anchors on CNN and MSNBC were acting like like they got coal in their Christmas stockings.

They kept trying to bait their panels, but even reliable liberals were using words like “beneath his (former) office” … “self-serving” … “narcissistic” … and most damning of all, “petty”.


I think the most replayed segment was Comey’s observations about Trump’s appearance:

From the official ABC transcript:

COMEY: He looked slightly orange up close with small white — half moons under his eyes, which I assume are from tanning googles.

Keen, mature insight from the former FBI Director, right?

No commentator mentioned what stuck me as the most ironic aspect of Comey’s dis …

Has Comey looked in a mirror recently?

Geez, don’t throw those stones, Jimmy … until you get some sleep and sun.



But, Comey did put one issue to rest, once and for all.