Quiz time: How’s your Mideast knowledge?

The Middle East is always in the news, right?

You know, the chemical weapons in Syria, the Iran nuclear “deal”, the U.S. embassy moving to Jerusalem.

Over the weekend, one of the TV pundits argued that Americans favored staying in the Iran deal by a margin of 2 to 1.

Hmmm, I thought,

Wonder how many of those pro-deal Americans could headline what’s in the Iranian deal that makes it so attractive?

Or, on a more basic level, how many could even pick out Iran on a Mideast map?

Which leads us to today’s quiz.

Below is a map of the Mideast with countries tagged A to O.

Take out a piece of paper, write down the letters and the county names.

Don’t just “imagine” the names … write them down.



Here are the answers ….




If you got more than a couple of the countries right, I’m betting that you’re in the 90th percentile of (or higher) of all Americans.

If you scored 12 or higher, you probably have a legitimate right to a point-of-view on Mideast political issues.

If less than 10, just answer “don’t know” if a pollsters asks you a question like “Do you favor the Iranian nuclear deal?”

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