Stop right there, professor … proof of citizenship, please !

Yep, it happened again.

Unfortunately, this has become an annual event.  A summer initiation of sorts.

Once again, I was detained for questioning by government officials.

No, it wasn’t by rogue TSA agents targeting an alleged conservative blogger.


Once again. I was suspected of crossing the border to illegally access government-provided services.

Here’s the story …


Yes, your (usually) mild-mannered man of the classroom … was stood up on suspicion of unlawful conduct.

An intimidating officer of the state demanded to see a photo ID — proof of citizenship – my car’s registration — and a tax payment receipt.

Really !

It wasn’t on the U.S.- Mexico border. Heavens, no.

It was just across the Maryland-Virginia border.

The services that I was allegedly attempting to use illegally were at the “Anne Arundel County landfill and recycling center” (a.k.a. the local dump).

That’s right.  In order to throw some yard waste on the landfill’s giant compost heap, I had to show my driver’s license, to produce proof of Anne Arundel County, Maryland residency and to prove that I had paid my local taxes.  Fortunately, because of past incidents, I may be the only person in Maryland driving around with paid real estate tax bills in my glove compartment.

Eventually, I was waved on and allowed to dump my limbs and leaves.

Think about it.

Maryland is a state that – for example – reportedly looks the other way when it comes to admitting illegal immigrants into public schools and allows them to pay in-state tuitions at colleges.  No harm, no foul.

Photo ID to vote in Maryland?

No way !!!


But, the line gets drawn in the sand at the local dump.

I didn’t really mind showing my ID docs, but the situation certainly did make me scratch my head (again)
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