Shocker: Vast majority of faculty at elite colleges are Democrats…

Just how “vast” may surprise you. … there are even “clean sweeps” at some colleges

Everybody knows that college faculties lean left.

To calibrate the incidence and intensity of the lean-to-the-left, Prof. Mitchell Langbert of Brooklyn College conducted a study and recently posted his findings with the National Association of Scholars.

Prof. Langbert surveyed  8,688 tenure track, Ph.D.–holding professors from 51 of U.S. News’ 66 top ranked liberal arts colleges.

Langbert’s top line findings: 40% of faculty self-report to be independents … the 60% who identify with a party are split 90% Democratic,10% Republican.


Yep, about what you might expect.

But, things get more interesting when you drill down on the data …


Some of Langbert’s key findings:

39% of the 51 colleges are “Republican free — having zero Republicans”.

78% of the academic departments – mostly those  in the arts and social studies — have  a “statistically insignificant number of Republicans” … often, none at all or “not statistically different from zero”

Republicans show up more often on STEM and business faculties … but even on STEM faculties, 85% of the profs with political affiliations are Democratic.

95% of female faculty self-identify as Democrats; “only” 88% of male faculty does.

The higher a college’s U.S. News ranking, the higher the percentage of faculty Democrats.



While the category differences are interesting, the key point is that colleges have ceded any political diversity.

For more, see: Teachers with conservative views don’t make the cut.

Apparently, there is a “right answer” … that, ironically, is the answer on the left.

So much for open discourse and critical thinking.

Eventually, that has to take its toll intellectually …

Statistical note: The data may be clouded by a variant of the “Trump Effect” … Republican faculty may be hesitant to declare their affiliation for fear of reprisal.
P.S. Note the academic robe colors in the picture … coincidence?

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4 Responses to “Shocker: Vast majority of faculty at elite colleges are Democrats…”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    I stopped giving to my Alma Mater, Middlebury College, several years ago. It’s sad, as there are five Middlebury degrees in my immediate family. I was co-chair of the Class of 55’s Fiftieth Reunion when we set a record for participation in a class gift – well over 90%! Moreover, I have been class secretary for the men in my class for umpteen years. Middlebury used to be consistently ranked in the “Top Ten” on the US News and World Report year after year. Now it’s not even in this report! They “honored” BIll Clinton at graduation a few years ago – that was bad enough, but then they followed up with Van Jones! This once great liberal arts college has devolved into a PC institute of indoctrination. The intolerance of the left is appalling – Who thinks it’s a good idea to ban any speaker from a campus who might say something contrary to the students’ received wisdom from the enlightened gurus on the faculty? Debate? Discuss? NEVER! Just yell and protest and call the unenlightened conservatives whatever disparaging adjectives can be found on a list of approved pejoratives.

    • Dick Wollmar Says:

      dime to Middlebury. I am loathe to admit being an alumnus.

      I do go to alumni college to take the opposite view

  2. LosLobos Says:

    There’s no “conspiracy.” The simple fact is that the more education one acquires, the more one realizes that the world is complicated and that Republican (not conservative) are full of it.

    Another way to put it: would you offer tenure to someone who believes the earth is 6,000 years old? Would a law school want someone who thinks the Bible is above the constitution?

  3. NYT: “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think” | The Homa Files Says:

    […] News & Views on Marketing, Economics & Politics « Shocker: Vast majority of faculty at elite colleges are Democrats… […]

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