Was an “informant” tasked to probe Clinton campaigners, too?

That’s one of two questions that I have about “spygate”


I’ve gotten great amusement from the evolution of the spying-on-Trump story …


First, the FBI/CIA denied that that they planted a spy on the Trump campaign … “no way, Trump is crazy”.

Then there were a flurry of stories indicating that a spy was indeed engaged … “but don’t release his name”

Then the positioning: “that would be a good thing” … “done to protect Trump” … from what?

Finally, the name of the spy-who-wasn’t was leaked … some professor with a long history working with the FBI & CIA.

But, he wasn’t a “spy”, he was a “tasked informant”.

OK, that parsing should make everybody feel better, right?

Let’s dig a little deeper…


First, let’s do some word-parsing …

What is the difference between a “spy” and a “tasked informant”?

The dictionary definition of a “spy”: “a person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence about another, usually hostile, country”.

So, if Prof. Sleuth was dispatched to gather info on Russian meddling, then he was a spy, right?

But, the Feds and MSM are saying that he wasn’t a spy … the was simply a garden-variety “informant”.

So, what’s an informant?

The legal dictionary definition: “Informants are those who covertly provide information about criminal activity to law enforcement officers.”

Let’s parse the parsing …

Note the key words: “criminal activity”.

By whom? The Russians?  The Trumpsters? Both?

Obviously, it wasn’t just the Russians … the 3 Trump-related targets were specifically targeted … and later rustled on criminal charges.

Here’s the rub …

There are constitutional issues involved in the use of informants.

Specifically,  some courts have found that placing an informant constituted interrogation in violation of a target’s right to counsel. Source


If Prof. Sleuth was a tasked informant – not a spy – then any evidence that he uncovered might not be usable in prosecution … nor any information that was later uncovered that was directly attributable to the informant’s initial findings.

I’m betting that attorneys will have a field day with that legal interpretation …


So, other than the sheer embarrassment angle, why don’t the Feds just cop to the guy being a spy who was just going after the Russians?

My hunch: because that raises a 2nd question …

If they were just probing Russian meddling, shouldn’t they be planting a comparable spy on Clinton campaigners?

Of course they should  … but they didn’t.

Why not?

Obvious answer: they were already aware of Bill’s $500,000 speaking fee and , more importantly, of the DNC to law firm to Fusion GPS to Steele to Russians connections … and already concluded that they were going it it any way.

What a mess.

This story is going to get way more interesting …


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2 Responses to “Was an “informant” tasked to probe Clinton campaigners, too?”

  1. Mark Davenport Says:

    Imaging learning that the police had some undercover officers in your neighborhood posed as dog walkers because there had been reports of burglaries. You’d be glad they were doing their job.

    Unless you were the thief…

    • LosLobos Says:

      Kerry contacted the FBI as soon as foreign interests contacted his campaign. Trump’s campaign decided to meet with the Russians at least twice. I’m glad the FBI had someone there to keep tabs on these traitors.

      Piggy backing on your analogy: imagine that there’s a creep taking pictures of little girls in the playground. Wouldn’t you want the police to plan an undercover “loner” to be-friend the creep and out him in jail before he does anything worse?

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