Hack alert: Don’t be so quick to “unsubscribe” …

The obvious became evident to me …


Last week, we whined about nuisance phone calls and recommended that everybody let all unidentified calls go unanswered … with an opportunity to go to voicemail, of course.

No voicemail … not important or urgent … and probably a robot.

I forgot to mention that there’s an internet variant of the pesky robocalls….


Everybody gets more email solicitations than they want, right?

So, how to stop them?

Easy answer: click the Federally required “unsubscribe” link.


Err, not so fast … might cause a problem bigger than an overflowing email box …

How so?


First, clicking “unsubscribe” is akin to clicking an “I’m a live person with an authentic email address”.

Such a designation makes you prime meat for email solicitors.

A shady operator might sell your “verified” name and email address to other solicitors.

You may stop one emailer, but open the dam to others.


Worst case … the link could be a hot button for a malware download.

That’s a lot worse than a flood of email.


Even if the odds of a click-through problem are low, they’re statistically greater than zero … which means someday it’s bound to happen.

So, what to do?

Safest bet is to set up a filter to divert emails from the undesired sender to a spam folder.

You won’t be see the email (unless you want to), storage is cheap, and you can always do a bulk delete to empty the spam folder.

Better safe than sorry, right?



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