NOKO Summit: Rodman steals the show.

One of the most amazing interviews I’ve ever seen

Last night, I was flipping channels to see both sides of the NOKO analysis.

When I clicked to CNN, my reaction was “what the hell?”

There was Chris Cuomo interviewing Dennis Rodman – who was bedecked in a ‘Make America Great Again’ and sporting a t-shirt.


I put down the remote, figuring the interview would provide some comic relief to the looping partisan analyses I’d been hearing.

That’s not what I got.

I doubt that it was what Cuomo expected either.

My bet: the CNN storyline was supposed to be that Trump was relying on “The Worm” – Rodman’s NBA nickname – for diplomatic advice … demonstrating how shallow and unprepared Trump was for the talks.

That’s not the way things turned out.

Here are some highlights…


First, for background, Rodman traveled to North Korea a few years ago and met with Kim … who happens to be a basketball fan.

Rodman offered to bring a few NBA stars to NOKO and train some NOKO basketball wannabes.

He delivered on that offer, prompting Kim to tell him: “Dennis, you know, this is the first time someone ever kept their word to me.”

Bottom line: Rodman is perhaps the only person in the world who has personal relationships with both Trump and Kim.


Rodman’s take on the Summit:

“It’s a great day. It’s the world’s day. I am here to see it. I’m so happy.”

“If Trump can pull this off, more power to him … he should take a lot of credit for this. He went out the box and made this happen.”

Rodman confirmed that Trump had, in fact, reached out to him before the summit.

Stunning Cuomo, Rodman added:

“Five years ago, Kim told me ‘certain things’ to relay to Obama concerning potential negotiations, but the former president didn’t even give me the time of day — he just brushed me off.”

Note: This remark has been edited out of most MSM reports that I’ve seen.


“We don’t need a miracle, but we need the doors to be open so we can start fresh and make this place a better world.”

“I think the fact that Trump should understand that the people of North Korea have a heart, they have soul, charisma, and they love each other,”

Rodman said Kim, who was educated in Switzerland … “is not a dumb man.”

“Each man is trying to protect his people, his honor, and everything that has to do with his country.”


Following Rodman, Cuomo went to former national intelligence director James Clapper – CNN’s go-to-man for anti-Trump commentary.

Clapper looked like a deer caught in headlights and blurted out:

“I saw a Dennis Rodman I’d never seen before in the course of that interview … a lot more depth there than meets the eye. He does understand Kim Jong Un.”

“Rodman is probably the best resource for the United States (and Trump) in understanding Kim Jong Un.”

Certainly, not what Cuomo was expecting …

Click to view the full interview

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