Thank you, Senator Harry Reid

The perils of being “too cute by half”

Big week for the Supreme Court … leaves liberals in panic mode … and conservatives doing an end zone dance.


First, Trump’s travel ban (version 3.0) was ruled to be within the Presidential authority to secure the nation.

Then, a  ruling that merchants need not violate their religious beliefs to serve everybody.  (The Red Hen Restaurant should be happy about that).

And finally, a ruling that government employee unions can’t make employees cough up money that gets laundered through to the DNC to elect bosses.


So, what has that got to do with Harry Reid?


Remember when the Republicans were doing their version of the now popular “Resist”?

They were using the Senate filibuster rules (requiring 60 votes) to put the brakes on the appointment of liberal judges to Federal Courts.

Well, Reid had enough and changed the Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster rule for judge appointments (except for the Supreme Court).

Then, when the Dems tried to stall Gorsuch, McConnell extended the Reid Rule to Supreme Court justices.

So, the big shoe dropped this week when swing-voter Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement … opening the door for another Trump appointee .. with only a majority Senate vote required.

Reid though he was so clever & cute when he nuked the filibuster to pack the lower courts,

But, as Forest Gump would say “What goes around, comes around.”

Now, Reid is the poster child for the old expression “Too cute by half”.

Thanks, Harry.


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