Great moments in marketing: Trump gives a shout-out to “My Pillow”…

…. and the liberal media still doesn’t get “it”.

Last night – at a rally in Fargo, North Dakota – during his intro-salutes to attending politicians and uber-supporters – Pres. Trump gave a shout-out to Mike Lindell – founder and CEO of a company called My Pillow.

The crowd roared … and the liberal blogosphere and MSM lit up: “undignified”, “beneath the office”, “shameless marketing on behalf of a supporter”, etc.

The clip (below) is worth viewing for sheer entertainment value.



And, here’s what the hysterians are missing…


Note that I mentioned that the crowd roared when Trump did his Lindell riff.


Lindell is a “fly over” mid-western guy who started the company; makes the pillows in Minnesota and touts “made i America”in his ads; and built a power-brand out of a  commodity product product category (think: Chiquita bananas).

An American success story … albeit, non-tech and MidWest, not Silicon Valley.

He’s the kind of guy that Heartland folks can relate to…  and the kind of small business owner who supports Trump.

That’s what the MSM is missing when they mock the shout-out.


Trump also gave a shout-out to Doug Bergum – North Dakota’s governor.

I crossed paths with Doug when we both worked in McKinsey’s Chicago office.

Obviously, he has gone on to do great things … Forbes has tagged him “America’s Best Entrepreneurial Governor”.

Doug Burgum, North Dakota’s first-term Republican governor, has a unique background in software and venture capital. The North Dakota native and graduate of Stanford’s business school invested in tiny Great Plains Software in 1983 and became its CEO, growing the accounting software firm to 2,000 employees. In 1997 Great Plains went public, and in 2001 it was sold to Microsoft for $1.1 billion. Burgum later was an early investor in SuccessFactors, which sold to SAP for $3.4 billion in 2012, and Atlassian, a Sydney, Australia cloud software company that went public on the Nasdaq in 2015. Burgum served as Atlassian’s chairman before stepping down to run for governor in 2016.

Said differently, just another mid-western boy who did well … and returned home to “give back”.

For some reason, the MSM isn’t showcasing that shout-out.



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