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Geez, who can I have faith in?

August 8, 2018

Now OSU coach Urban Meyer is suspect.

This is a very sad personal story.


Raised as a Catholic kid, I was taught that priests were pure as the fresh driven snow.

Then came the revelations that priests were fiddling with altar boys and the Church was covering up for them.


My first job out of college was with Arthur Andersen … a squeaky clean Big 8 accounting firm.

Technical note: yes, there used to be 8 !

When some rogue partners got in cahoots with Enron shysters, the Feds brought down the entire firm.

Technical note: The Fed charges were eventually overturned by the SCOTUS.


In my dumbest blog post ever, in December 2015, I heralded James Comey as the “last honest man” and endorsed him for President.

See My nomination for President … experience, integrity, leadership.

Oucn. At the time, I didn’t suspect that he was just a run of the mill political hack.


Fast forward to today…