Chuck Todd: “Start impeachment now”

I agree … but for different reasons.

Let’s connect a couple of stories today.

Encouraged by the Manafort-Cohen outcomes, Chuck Todd (NBC / MSNBC commentator) ranted that outgoing Speaker Ryan should begin “drawing up impeachment papers now”.

After all, “You now have a president of the United States accused of committing a federal crime.”

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My first reaction was “echo-chamber over-reaction”.

At first, I shrugged off the idea, but…



An editorial in today’s WSJ — The Forbidden ‘I Word’ — changed my mind.

The WSJ editorial board concludes that if the Dems win a House majority in November, Trump will be impeached. Period.

If Democrats finally gain the power to do something about this menace to mankind, do they suddenly say ‘never mind’?

An impeachment based on questionable acts that have nothing to do with Russian collusion would offend much of the public, but as the New York Times joyfully put it this week, “that may not matter.

The main point about this election year is that no one should believe Democrats when they say that impeaching Donald Trump isn’t on their agenda. It’s their only agenda.

After pondering that analysis, I agree with Chuck Todd: ket’s get the ball rolling.

In fact, I’ll go Todd one step further.

I think Ryan should hold a vote on impeachment right now.

Damn the committee meetings since they won’t alter the vote count.

Get every Congressman — especially those running for re-election — on the record … yea or nay.

Get ‘em on the record before the midterm elections.

Voters should know where they really stand, right?

Go for it, Paul.


While at it, why not a vote on abolishing ICE?

Let get the mouthy Congressmen on the record for that one, too.


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