Verdict: Feinstein, Dems found guilty of obstruction of justice!

Victimized both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.


Sorry, but I have to start today with a chest pound.

Yesterday’s post Where’s the beef? made 3 major points:

1) The outside prosecutor wouldn’t be effective in the 5-minute ping-pong format.

2) Dr. Ford would be a sympathetic accuser but would still end the day with no evidence or corroboration to support her claims.

3) Kavanaugh would need to emphasize the damage done to him and his family… while aggressively  attacking the process and the Democrats scorch-the earth strategy.


What I underestimated was how good Kavanaugh’s A-game would be.

Let’s drill down to some takeaways…


Rachel Mitchell (the sex crimes prosecutor) tried her best but was, in fact. ham-strung by the time constraints and discontinuous flow.

She added value, though, by protecting the GOP Senators from themselves and their likely insensitive gaffes .

Turns out that all that was needed (for the GOP) was to go into the half-time locker room down by only a touchdown or two.


Dr. Ford is a sympathetic figure who seemed to believe her own story.

But, she wasn’t holding low cards, she was holding no cards.  Zero evidence or corroboration.

She was wrong on one major count: she was (is) a pawn in the Democrats strategy.

I conclude that Ford’s early initiatives to get her story out were sincere and well-intended.

But, when her claim fell into Feinstein’s hands, she (Feinstein) couldn’t resist her animal instincts to use it (and Ford) as political weapons.

Graham was right: both Ford and Kavanaugh were victims of Feinstein’s process.


Ford’s attorneys did the near-impossible: over-charging a client while working pro-bono.

During the hearing, the bearded sleaze ball was a partial antidote to Dr. Ford’s sincerity.

And, there were 4 bombs dropped.

1)  Fear-of-flying was obviously used as a delay tactic.  It was easily debunked and Ford seemed to be surprised by it … and, she readily admitted that she (Ford) was on the East Coast for most of the past couple of months.

2) The polygraph, as predicted, was a red flag.  Why? Who advised? How administered? Who paid? Where are the charts?

You’re not acting in a client’s best interests by submitting them to a polygraph immediately after they attend their grandmother’s funeral.

3) The West Coast Offer: Grassley’s offer to fly interviewers to the West Coast was new news to Dr. Ford (wasn’t she watching the news?) … and Grassley had made the offer explicit to Ford’s attorneys.

While Dr. Ford would have been well-served by a confidential interview on her home turf, her attorneys hid the offer from her.

4) The Feinstein referral. Dr. Ford did reveal that she engaged her lawyers before Feinstein revealed the charges … and that it was Feinstein who referred her to the sleaze balls.


The only plausible explanation for the above: the attorneys were the Svengalis who turned Ford from a sincere tipster to a Democratic pawn.


Joe Biden: He wasn’t  there physically, but his spirit loomed large.

His quote about how FBI reports don’t matter since the FBI doesn’t draw conclusions or make recommendations was repeated 3 times during the hearings – twice by Grassley and once by Mike Lee.

Note: Putting Biden’s remark in context … he said it when the FBI report in the Thomas confirmation process failed to nail Thomas to a cross and opened the door to his confirmation.

The Biden quote took a lot of the wind out of the Dem’s “FBI, FBI, FBI” incantation


Sen. Diane Feinstein was probably the biggest individual loser yesterday.

She was caught red-handed..

She was publicly exposed for obstructing justice by failing to initiate an immediate investigation when she received Ford’s accusations and for violating Ford’s confidentiality by leaking Ford’s name to the press.

Feinstein’s claim that she stayed mum to preserve Ford’s confidentiality is pure cover-up bunk.  Ford would have remained anonymous if an investigation had been triggered when Feinstein received the complaint.

The delay was obstruction of justice … plain and simple.

And, Feinstein’s “who me?” defense for the leak is ridiculous.

She was the only DC person with a copy (she didn’t share it with Grassley) … so, it was either her or one of her loyal staff members who compromised Dr. Ford.



Lindsey Graham was was the game-changer.

Literally a game-changer!

First, he put Rachel Mitchell on the bench and changed the entire momentum of the hearing.

Good call by Grassley (if it was planned) … great move by Graham (if it was a renegade call).

Graham hit the nail on the head … driving it into the Dem’s coffin.

He was probably the only GOP senator who could have pulled it off … and, he did so with mega-bomb effectiveness.

Kavanaugh laid the groundwork, but it was Graham who threw the knockout punch.


Kavanaugh didn’t bring his A-game … he brought his A++ game.

Going into the hearing, Kavanaugh was a pretty unsympathetic figure.

I didn’t think that he could shake that.

Boy, was I wrong!

“My daughters prayed for Dr. Ford last night” said it all.

And, he masterfully exposed the Dems for all to see.

Feinstein looked liked a deer caught in headlights when he called her out.

Durbin hurt the Dems case by starting the FBI harping which — thanks to Biden – is an obvious delay to obstruct tactic.

Whitehouse looked silly when he lasered in on high school farting

Blumenthal’s “false on one, false on all” ploy failed …. I wish that Kavanaugh would have given an example: “When a person lies about serving in Viet Nam, they’re probably lying about everything” … Who is Blumenthal to be lecturing on integrity?

Booker & Harris were de-fanged …  Kavanaugh was landing so many body blows that they knew their questions wouldn’t matter and they couldn’t risk of Kavanaugh’s wrath … after all, they have their presidential campaigns to worry about.


Bottom line: Kavanaugh has heard so many case and has written so many opinions that the logic of strong closing arguments are right down his power alley.

The open question was whether he had the passion and presence to pull it off.

That question was answered.



Kavanaugh (with an assist from Graham) turned the tables.

The “issue” was totally transformed from  a disputed abuse allegation to obstruction of justice.

And, the court of public opinion seems to have found the Democrats guilty on all counts.

As Sen. Graham put it “Both Ford and Kavanaugh are victims. And, voting against Kavanaugh is a vote for the Democrat’s unethical and immoral tactics.”

Well put, Sen. Graham.


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