Oh no: PETA says “stop eating crabs”

Crabs are part of the Maryland cuisine culture … a “signature” regional food.

Nothing like a group of friends sitting around a picnic-like table cracking crabs and sloshing down brewskies.

Good fun, No harm, right?

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Well. PETA doesn’t see it that way…


Repping for the poor, defenseless crabs, PETA has rented billboards that humanize the plight of the crab and admonish: “I’m ME, not MEAT”.


In response, some restaurants have taken out counter-protest billboards that foil-off PETA’s.


Based on a non-scientific survey of friends & family, PETA might have had a greater impact by donating the money they spent on the billboards to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Now, gotta run to check my crab traps.


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One Response to “Oh no: PETA says “stop eating crabs””

  1. David Page Says:

    What will PETA recommend for vegetarians to eat if “plant perception” becomes better known. Check out the “Myth Buster” recreation of early polygraph experiments showing that plants have “perception” maybe even feeling pain physically and/or paranormally. Guess it will be time to EAT DIRT. Nah. That won’t fit the narrative and those that advertise being animal savers only use a portion of donations for the advertised intent.

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