Gallup: GOP favorability up, ties Dems

Last week, we reported Gallup findings that Americans satisfaction with the way they are being governed jumped 10 points in the past year …. and that 72% of Republicans are satisfied with the way the Trump administration is governing.

See Gallup: Satisfaction with governance increasing…

Predictably, the “satisfaction with governance” seems to be influencing the way that people view the Dem and GOP parties.

Gallup periodically surveys party favorability.

Their most recent poll was conducted during September during the run-up to the Kavanaugh hearings.

It’s headline conclusion:

In the past year, the GOP has erased an 8 point favorability disadvantage and now edges out the Dems by a point … that’s a 9 point swing.



Let’s drill down on those numbers…


Again, in the past year, GOP favorability increased by 9 points and is now essentially tied with the Dems.


The polls “internals” – the parts that make up the whole – are interesting.

There was an 18 point swing among those self-classifying as Republicans or Republican-leaners.

Possible explanation: Never Trumpers are accepting Trump’s abrasive style since it seems to be delivering results in the economy, in the courts, and around the world.

There was a 13 point jump among GOP men and a 5 point gain among GOP women.

Finally, there was a13 point jump among those earning $30,000 to $75,000 … the middle class that Trump promised to help.

Apparently they disagree with Pelosi and think that this administration is delivering more than just  “crumbs” .


Technical note: Again, the survey was conducted before Kavanaugh’s raucous confirmation hearings.

The effect of the hearings?

As Trump would say: *We’ll see what happens”


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One Response to “Gallup: GOP favorability up, ties Dems”

  1. Ben R Says:

    Wow. You might want to take a look at the shrinking number of republicans before you hand this assignment in. Surely Professor Homa will give you an F since your reliance on percentages obscures the forest for one misleading tree. Dude…

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