Liar, liar … pants on fire.

What’s worse, lots of inconsequential lies … or a a couple of consequential ones?


As a Catholic kid, I was taught about the difference between venial sins and mortal ones.

The former are naughty-naughty  … destining you to a few years in a holding tank before admittance to perpetual bliss in heaven.

The latter – mortal sins – are bad-bad … guaranteeing you that you’ll get banished to the fires of hell.


That lesson comes to mind when former President Obama adopts his trademarked holier-than-thou persona and  lambasts current President Trump as a congenital liar.


What Obama never mentions is that he and Trump both have earned a dis-honor:

In 2015, left-leaning Politifact indicted Trump for its lie-of-the-year award.

More specifically, Politifact gave the award to “The campaign misstatements of Donald Trump”

From “thousands and thousands” cheering in New Jersey on Sept. 11 to dubious accounts of his own record and words, Trump’s 2015 inaccurate statements exhibited range, boldness and a disregard for the truth.

By December 2015, we had rated 76 percent of Trump’s claims Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire.

We rolled all them into one big trophy in 2015.

Note that the citation didn’t use the word “consequential” … just frequency, range and boldness.


Sounds like venial sins to me.

Test: Name one lie that Trump may have told that really mattered to you personally or to the nation generally.

I have a hard time naming one.


Understandably, Obama doesn’t tout his 2013 lie-of-the year award.

Specifically, Obama was cited for ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it’

Like millions of other Americans, I was directly impacted.

I have different insurance carriers … and haven’t been able to get an appointment with my longstanding primary care physician is over 4 years.

And, more galling than “like it, keep it” was Obama’s oft-repeated claim that “Every family’s  healthcare costs will go down by $2,500”.

As we’ve posted several times before, that was a boldface, premeditated lie designed to sway support towards ObamaCare.

Remember how healthcare costs were going to drop by $2,500 for every family?

Remember when an ObamaCare architect called you stupid? 

I call that a mortal sin … intentional, premeditated, diabolical and, oh yeah, very consequential.


So, I ask again:

What’s worse, lots of inconsequential lies … or a a couple of consequential ones?

Maybe people who live in thin-sheet glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


P.S. I find it totally amazing that the Dems, who knew that healthcare costs were going to skyrocket under ObamaCare are swaying votes by pinning the high costs on the GOP.

Maybe Dr. John Gruber – the ObamaCare architect who called Americans stupid – was right … and continues to be right.


PolitiFact Lies of the Year


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2 Responses to “Liar, liar … pants on fire.”

  1. Rick Carpenter Says:

    My research suggests that you were in the great minority (5%) who were not able to keep their plan. So based on maybe some other religions, the promise that Obama made was well intentioned but not ultimately held for 100%. So don’t think he burns in Hell for that.

  2. Ben R Says:

    How does Trump’s racist lie that Obama is a foreigner and a muslim rate for you? How about his insistence that a bunch of kids should be executed – even after they were exonerated by DNA. Trump is a liar, you just don’t mind what he lies about.

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