Which is more “authentic”?

Ad agencies (and voters) harp on authenticity.

You know, presenting yourself as you really are … rather than exhibiting a  fake persona.

Let’s illustrate the concept…

Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tried to jumpstart her presidential  ambitions (and erase the memories of her laughable DNA test).

At a climatic moment, she expressed her need for a cold one and started to chug a bee.

Authentic or not?


Her nemesis – President Trump – scored it as inauthentic, noting that it would have seemed more authentic if she had been wearing her native headdress.



Speaking of President Trump…


Yesterday, President Trump welcomed the National Champion Clemson Tigers to the White House.

Click to see a video of the sumptuous spread

In his remarks, Trump said it was his favorite food … and that it was make-shift because some of the WH staff was on furlough …that he was personally paying for the spread … and that these were his favorite foods.

Authentic or not?

Some may say “not Presidential” … but, sure seems consistent with the guy’s personality, right?


P.S. to the Philadelphia Eagles: All of this could have been your’s last year.  Eat your hearts out.


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