Dems put another precedent in place…

This one will backfire, too.

For openers, I don’t give a hoot whether this (or any future) State of the Union address is held.

I can rarely stay glued to the TV when the Leader of the Free World drones on and on about what a fine job he’s doing … and present a laundry list of priorities which will never see the light of day.

Usually, I do enjoy the opposition party’s rebuttals … they’re always so awful that they’re entertaining … think: Jindal’s zombie-like pitch, Rubio’s futile reach for the water or Schumer-Pelosi’s  recent Ma & Pa Kettle response to Trump’s oval office pitch.


If I were advising Trump, I’d advise him to mail in the SOTU … then go on a 4-week barnstorming tour of the Midwest & South. Why subject himself to the Dem frowns, eyerolls and catcalls?  That’ll happen now or in a couple of weeks,  So, bag it Donald.

That said, here’s what I find interesting about the current situation….


Dems have been badly stung by establishing precedents that eventually get turned on them.

The ultimate was Harry Reid’s nuking the filibuster for Federal judicial appointments.

OK, that allowed Obama to stack the DC appelate courts (a big deal!) but it paved the way for McConnel to finish the job – nuking the SCOTUS filibuster.

So, the Dem’s cute move ended up with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh taking their seats on the Supreme Court.


Then, there was Obama’s famous “pen & phone” … circumventing the Congress with a series legally questionable Executive Orders.

Smart move, right?

Yeah, until Trump rescinded some of the EOs ..and issued some of his own.

Why not, the precedent had been set.


That brings us to today…

Pelosi – trying to burnish her Trump-hater credential – refused her legal obligation to invite the President to pitch the State of the Union address.

Imagine the wailing if the GOP-controlled Congress had told Barack Obama to stay home.

Well, mark my words, it’s going to happen some day … a GOP Congress cancels a Dem president’s showtime.

They’ll be accused of some sort of racism or gender-bias or whatever.

But, the GOP will be able to smile and point to this year’s shenanigans.

It’s called the power of precedent.


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