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Biden: Staying the course after a successful first year … say, what?

March 2, 2022

One chart continues to say it all…

In case you missed it, Biden’ SOTU wasn’t a “reset” … it was a serving of refried beans.

  • Rooting for the Ukrainians … from the sidelines
  • Reaffirmed the sagacity of diplomatically “leading from behind” … despite the brutal outcomes
  • Determined to kill oil & gas … unless it’s produced in Russia and fuels Putin’s atrocities
  • Asserted that inflation is caused by greedy companies … certainly not out-of-control spending and constraints on energy production
  • Still wants to throw more money at more things.

In other words: same old, same old.


Raises an obvious question:

Is Biden unaware that the dogs aren’t eating the dog food?

Current RCP poll-of-polls says that less than 30% of the country thinks that Joe is taking the country in the right direction.


Time for a “reset”?

No way, it’s time to stay the course…



P.S. Did you notice?

> Biden’s didn’t showcase his chief political scientist, Anthony Fauci at his SOTU speech.

> In a passionate call to support Ukraine, mistakenly referred to Ukrainians as “Iranians.”

For the record, I thought that he said “Uraniums”.

Supporters are claiming that the gaffe is attributable to his childhood stutter. Axios


Biden: “As promised, I crushed the virus … and you can take your masks off”

March 1, 2022

Will he dare to say that?

It’s ok to cheer on the latter point.

Miraculously, the science changed last week … and the CDC was able to issue new guidance that let’s most people (including school kids!) to toss their masks.

About a year late and, coincidentally, just in time for Biden’s SOTU address.


Let’s cheer the revised guidance!


But, what about the broader claim: “I crushed the virus”?

Remember when Biden taunted that Trump was responsible for all the Covid deaths while he was president?

Soon America will have accumulated 1 million Covid-tagged deaths … currently at 973.119 and counting.

I doubt that Biden will point out that the majority of the deaths have happened under his watch … despite Trump handing him 2 approved vaccines that were in production and ready for distribution.



And, I doubt that Biden will mention CNN’s headline:


Point-of-fact, almost 1,500 people are still succoring to Covid-tagged deaths each day … many because Biden had put the development and distribution of therapeutic drugs on the back-burner.


And, I doubt that he’ll mention that his CDC was forced to admit that it had been hiding data on Covid hospitalizations, vaccine effectiveness and breakthrough infections … politically fearing that the information might be “misinterpreted” by non-government scientists … and the public at large.



Finally, I doubt that that Biden will spotlight the Johns Hopkins study that concluded:

Lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality.

But, they imposed enormous economic and social costs.


Bottom line: We’re finally at a good spot on Covid … but I’ll cringe if Biden claims that he “crushed the virus”.

We’ll see if “Straight- shooting” Joe shoots straight on this one.

Trump approval up since SOTU…

February 11, 2019

May put a new paint job on conference committee negotiations.

First, a disclaimer of sorts.

Rasmussen skews right and its surveys are scoffed at by most traditional pollsters because they’re conducted without human contact … folks just answer questions via touch tone phone responses.

That said, I’ve found Rasmussen to be a good predictor on sensitive issues when people are reluctant to tell somebody what they think, but are willing to interact with an impersonal computer.

Bottom line:  Rasmussen says “Trump’s approval rating among likely voters has soared since the State of the Union and are at an all time high.”


More specifically…


“Madam Speaker, thank you for the 1-week delay.”

February 6, 2019

Twas a bad night for the haters, following a very bad week.


Imagine if Pelosi had resisted the theatrical power-play of delaying the SOTU address.

If she had kept to the traditional schedule, Trump wouldn’t have had these current events mega-talking points…


Dems put another precedent in place…

January 25, 2019

This one will backfire, too.

For openers, I don’t give a hoot whether this (or any future) State of the Union address is held.

I can rarely stay glued to the TV when the Leader of the Free World drones on and on about what a fine job he’s doing … and present a laundry list of priorities which will never see the light of day.

Usually, I do enjoy the opposition party’s rebuttals … they’re always so awful that they’re entertaining … think: Jindal’s zombie-like pitch, Rubio’s futile reach for the water or Schumer-Pelosi’s  recent Ma & Pa Kettle response to Trump’s oval office pitch.


If I were advising Trump, I’d advise him to mail in the SOTU … then go on a 4-week barnstorming tour of the Midwest & South. Why subject himself to the Dem frowns, eyerolls and catcalls?  That’ll happen now or in a couple of weeks,  So, bag it Donald.

That said, here’s what I find interesting about the current situation….


SOTU: Two images tell the whole story …

January 31, 2018

When Trump reported that the unemployment rate for Blacks has reached a historical low …


Apparently words & promises speak louder than actions and results.


When  CBS flash polled speech-watchers …


Sample was skewed (slightly) to Republicans … many ‘haters’ didn’t watch … hmmm.



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