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Is Biden “not being read in”, forgetting or just plain lying?

November 5, 2021

Either way, it raises questions about who is running the country.

Have you noticed the pattern that’s appearing … in public view?

Afghan Withdrawal

Biden stated that nobody recommended (i.e. he wasn’t “read in”) that Bagram be kept open to facilitate a smooth withdrawal of U.S. and coalition troops, diplomats and Afghan allies (e.g the translators).

Specifically, he said that none of those people would be left behind.

General Milley, et. al., testified under oath that they told him more time and troops would be required to effect a smooth withdrawal and slow the Talban takeover of Kabul.

The State Dept later reluctantly reported that about 10% of the vulnerable had been left behind … and a statistically significant number of them are still there.

Not read in, forgetting or lying?


The Australian Submarine Deal

Proudly, the State Dept. announced a deal with with Australia to build nuclear submarines to patrol Asian waters.

The French withdrew their ambassador in protest since the new deal, in effect, nullified a multi-billion dollar deal that was in place for the French to build similar subs.

At the recent  G20 Climate Control meeting, Biden publicly apologized to French President Macron, saying the U.S. was sorry, but don’t blame him because he (Biden) “hadn’t been read in” to the program.

Not read in, forgetting or lying?


The $450,000 Lotto

When Biden was at the G20 Climate Control meeting, the WSJ broke a story of a Biden Administration plan to issue pay-outs of $450,000 (per person) to illegal border crossers who have suffered emotional pain and suffering when being resettled in the U.S.

During a rare Q&A with reporters this week, Biden was challenged about the program.

He said that the reports were “garbage” … and those payments “wouldn’t happen”.

The next day, his designated press spokesperson walked back those comments. indicating that Biden is “comfortable” with the program and the the Departments of State and Justice are in the process of hammering out the details and exact amounts.

Not read in, forgetting or lying?


I think there have now been enough of these high level incidents to warrant worry…

Either Biden isn’t being “read in” on important matters and somebody else is really running the the show.

Which raises the obvious question: who?

Or, Biden is being “read in” and but forgets.

That raises questions about his cognition and competence.

Or, Biden is flat out lying.

Which goes to the question or integrity.

Pick your poison. folks.

Which ever it is, it isn’t a pretty story.

Biden: “No transmission if vaccinated’ … say, what?

October 12, 2021

Apparently, he didn’t read last week’s HomaFiles posts.

I’ve been trying hard to understand the risk that I, a vaccinated person, have of getting infected and transmitting covid to, say, my grandkids.

Last week, we observed that:

> In their original EUA applications, the vaccine companies made no claims that the vaccines would prevent asymptomatic infections … they just claimed protection against symptomatic infections.

> Nonetheless, the CDC web site advised: “It is very rare for a vaccinated person to get infected and transmit the virus.”

See Fauci: CDC is flying blind on post-vax infections…

> More recently,, CDC Director Walensky clarified that:  “Though covid vaccines work “exceptionally well”  against hospitalization and death, they can’t prevent transmission anymore. So, we should expect thousands of breakthrough infections.”

See CDC Director: “Covid vaccines can’t prevent transmission”

> And, Pfizer data indicates that vaccinations do provide roughly 90% protection against infection soon after being fully vaccinated … but, that the protection waned down to about 40% after 6 months.

See Still more vax math: What about booster shots?

Using the Pfizer data, we ballparked that about 1/2 of recent infections might be attributable to breakthrough infections and transmission by fully vaccinated people.

See Covid data: More about breakthrough infections and viral transmission…


All of the above notwithstanding, last week President Biden veered off his teleprompter  and  declared that all healthcare workers should get vaccinated because doing so provides “certainty that the people providing your care … cannot spread it to you“.

click to view

Doesn’t he know that his scientists (and their data) are saying that vaccinated people can still spread the virus.

As climate czar John Kerry might say: “The President was unaware” … or, or he was intentionally misinforming.

Competence or honesty?

And, some people wonder wonder why a majority of Americans (and 2 out of 3 of Independents) think Biden is either incompetent or dishonest.

Even the MSM is debunking Biden’s claim of “no vaccine plan”…

March 31, 2021

Of course, we’ve been all over this topic for months (links at he end of this post), so it’s delightful to see the Biden-friendly press to  concede the point:


In the words of ABC News

Biden and his top aides have repeatedly accused the Trump administration of having “no plan.”

Despite calls for national unity and bipartisanship, President Joe Biden and his top aides have declined to give the Trump administration credit on the nation’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout while relying heavily on a system established by their predecessors.

Many of Biden’s public “wins” on the vaccine, including expanding supply and distributing doses to local pharmacies, are tied directly to efforts initiated by policy aides working under Trump before he left office.

While Biden has purchased additional vaccine supply, it was always expected that Pfizer and Moderna would ramp up their supply throughout the year.

Under Trump, the U.S. agreed to buy enough doses for 200 million adults from vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna with “options” to buy more if necessary.

It also had purchased enough J&J vaccine to buy supply for 100 million adults once authorized — enough supply to cover every U.S. adult by summer.

Also, Biden’s playbook for vaccine distribution has relied heavily on a system created by the Trump administration, including federal partnerships with state officials and agreements with local pharmacies.

In fact, the federal pharmacy program created by Trump aides is what Biden relied on  to expand eligibility to teachers.

And when Biden called for “100 million shots in 100 days” — a pace of about 1 million shots per day — former health officials noted that the U.S. had already hit that pace the week of Biden’s inauguration in mid January.


What is new under Biden are more than a dozen mass vaccination sites managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with special attention paid to hard-hit and vulnerable communities.

Glad the media is catching on to what we’ve been saying all along:

Biden: “Trump blundered, I’m saving the day”

So, how much vaccine did the Trump administration order?

VAX: Viva mass vaccination sites

Is “buyer’s remorse” setting in?

March 29, 2021

Biden’s “net approval” cut in half since inauguration day.

Frankly, I wasn’t paying attention to Biden’s approval numbers until he said in his press conference that “a majority of Republican voters approve of the job I’m doing”.

As we previously fact-checked, that claim is patently false.

According to Gallup, only 10% of Republican voters approve of the job he’s doing … 88% disapprove.


Digging deeper, the numbers get even more interesting.

According to RCP, Biden’s net job approval is still above water at +10.3, but…


Biden’s net job approval has been cut in half … it was over 20% on inauguration day, now, it’s just over 10%.

His job approval has slipped 8.2 percentage points … 2.5 points were previously approvers, now disapprovers … 5.7 points were previously “undecideds” who have decided and disapprove.

Bottom line: It’s starting to appear that the honeymoon is ending and some buyer’s remorse is setting in.

The thrill of trading out the boisterous orange man for a zombie may be wearing off.

And, it’s now crystal clear that Biden’s campaign promises to unite the country, reach across the aisle and, oh yeah, govern as a moderate … were all malarkey.

Expect more slippage since, according to RCP, a majority of Americans (52%) think that the country is moving in the wrong direction … and, that number is likely to worsen as the sugar high from the  $1,400 “thanks for voting for me” checks wears off … and the border crisis becomes more apparent.


Biden: “Majority of Republican voters approve of the job I’m doing”

March 25, 2021

In Thursday’s press conference, President Biden laid pipe for killing the filibuster.

Among his  rationale points:

While the Republicans in the Senate may not approve of what I’m doing, the majority of Republican voters do.

Say what?

Hate to burden him with facts, but…

According to Gallup, only 10% of Republican voters approve of the job he’s doing … 88% disapprove.


So much for truth-telling, data-following and bringing the country together.


P.S. What was up with the binder of written answers that he kept referencing?

So, how much vaccine did the Trump administration order?

March 16, 2021

Simple answer: over 800 million doses

Biden continues to denigrate or dismiss Operation Warp Speed and  claim (or least blatantly insinuate) that he and his administration should get credit for the hugely successful vaccination program.


Let’s do a deep dive, starting with the basics …

Dr. Fauci — Biden’s go-to political-scientist (and highest paid Federal employee) — told the nation repeatedly in 2020 that no vaccines would be available until mid-2021 at the earliest, more likely in 2022 … and possibly later than that.

For the record, the Pfizer vaccine got its Emergency Use Authorization on December 11, 2020 … and, we’re on a track to have the country vaccinated before Fauci — who is always certain, but often wrong —  said the first shot would be available.

In subsequent posts, I’ll be referring back to Fauci’s gross misjudgment.

Spoiler alert: I’ll be arguing that his pessimism gave states legitimacy for procrastinating their preparations for the vaccine rollout … which left many states unprepared (or underprepared) when the vaccines were approved.


Biden even said in a CNN townhall that there was were no vaccines available when he took office. Source

Apparently, he forget that he got his first dose on December 21, 2020 … and his 2nd dose on January 11, 2021.

Senior moment or intentional fib?


Biden has backtracked on that remark but…


Biden keeps claiming, to this day,  that Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was negligent for not ordering enough vaccine.

C’mon, man.

For openers, the Operation Warp Speed team made pre-approval vaccine commitments in mid-2020…

That is, they placed non-cancellable vaccine orders before any of the vaccines were proven effective in clinical trials and approved for use.

Note: These pre-approval commitments mitigated drugmakers’ risks … allowing them to put manufacturing capacity in place “on spec”, instead of waiting to start after FDA approval.

Fact: As part of Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration entered into contracts with multiple drugmakers … while their potential vaccines were still in clinical trials … and, with no certainty that the respective vaccines would ever be approved.

Specifically, pre-approval commitments were made to 6 vaccine manufacturers:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech: 100 million doses (two-dose regimen)
  • Moderna: 100 million doses (two-dose regimen)
  • J&J: 100 million doses (one-dose regimen)
  • AstraZeneca: 300 million doses (two-dose regimen)
  • Novavax: 100 million doses (two-dose regimen)
  • Sanofi-GSK: 100 million doses (one- or two-dose regimen)

If all 6 vaccines were to make it through clinical trials and the FDA approval process, the amounts agreed to under these pre-commitment contracts would total about 800 million vaccine doses, or enough to fully vaccinate more than 450 million people. Source

Of course, not all of the vaccines have been approved (yet) … and, some may never get approved.

So, let’s focus on the vaccines that have been approved…


Flashback: Politifacts’ 2009 “Lie of the Year”

October 23, 2020

Remember Obama’s infamous line: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it … and, your family’s annual healthcare costs will go down by $2,500″

Biden oft repeated the line when selling ObamaCare … and, reprised it in the primaries when fending off opponents’ Medicare-for-All promises.

Last night , in the final presidential debate, Biden repeated the claim, emphasizing that no one lost their private health insurance under Obamacare.


So,what’s the rub?


Flashback: Politifacts’ 2009 “Lie of the Year”

September 15, 2020

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it … and, your family’s annual healthcare costs will go down by $2,500″

Joe Biden is outraged that Trump “followed the science” and minimized the likely impact of the coronavirus.

For details, see: Fauci: “He was saying what we were telling him”

Biden: “Lied to the American public. Clear evidence of incompetence and dereliction of duty”.

The first part “lied to the American people” brought back bad memories.


Remember Obama’s infamous line: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it … and, your family’s annual healthcare costs will go down by $2,500″

Biden oft repeated the line when selling ObamaCare … and, reprised it in the primaries when fending off opponents’ Medicare-for-All promises.

What’s the rub?


Here’s why Hunter Biden is a “material witness”…

January 22, 2020


Yesterday, we replayed Prof. Jonathan Turley dismantling the obstruction charge against President Trump.

The essence of his argument:

  • The President has every right to withhold testimony and documents citing “executive privilege”.
  • If Congress disputes the right to executive privilege, it can appeal to the courts.
  • If the courts deny the claim of executive privilege and the President still withholds, then — and only then — is he guilty of obstruction.

Congress did not appeal to the courts and it has no standalone  legal power to deny executive privilege and charge obstruction.

Case closed.

So, what about the other impeachment charge: abuse of power?

This is where Hunter Biden becomes relevant….


If you can shovel coal, then you can learn to code … right?

January 7, 2020

Joe Biden has a remarkable ability to say really stupid stuff, doesn’t he?

His latest was telling a (small) crowd that thousands of jobs would be lost when he puts the brakes on the coal industry, but not to worry:

“If you can go down 300 or 3,000 feet in a mine, you can learn to code.  If you can shovel coal, you can program a computer.”

Say, what?


Sleepy Joe seems to overlook a few basic points…


Biden: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

July 17, 2019

Where have I heard that one before?


Joe Biden’s first presidential run in 1988 cratered amid multiple instances of plagiarism. Source

So, you’d think that he would have learned his lesson and stayed squeaky clean in the 2020 campaign.


Not so …

Countering the ultra-liberals Medicare for All (MFA), decided to reprise Obama’s infamous healthcare line.

So, what’s the rub?


NPR: vast majority of Dems have high confidence in the FBI

October 5, 2018

Or, at least they did before yesterday.

Yesterday, we reported an NPR survey indicating that the Dem’s enthusiasm advantage has evaporated.

Buried in the survey’s “internals”, but not reported in the headlined story, was an interesting question:

“Do you have a great deal of confidence, quite a lot, not very much confidence, or no confidence at all in The FBI?”

For the total sample, 59% said “great deal” or “quite a bit”;  36% said “not very much” or “no confidence”; 5% were “unsure.


Survey Results

Drilling down, the results get more interesting…


Biden: “Some of the 47% pay higher effective rates than Gov. Romney” … say, what?

October 13, 2012

I’ve been re-watching the Biden-Ryan debate and reading the transcript … this time, it’s for comedy value.


Beyond the whoppers, I can’t believe how many fundamentally dumb things Biden said.  Many got obscured by his bluster.

Here’s one of my favorites … suitable for the Yogi Berra quote book:

These people [the 47%]  are my mom and dad, the people I grew up with, my neighbors.

They pay more effective tax than Governor Romney pays in his federal income tax.

I’ve had it up to here with this notion that 47 percent …

Full transcript & video

An obvious non sequitur.

By definition, the folks in the 47% don’t pay any Federal income taxes, so their effective rates are zero

And, zero is less than 14% … or any other positive tax rate.


And that dufass is in line to be President.

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Biden: “Syria is 5 times larger than Libya” … say, what?

October 12, 2012

During the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday night, Joe Biden claimed, incorrectly, that that Team Obama is turning a blind eye towards Syria because – compared to Libya —  it  “is a different country, it is five times as large geographically, it has one fifth the population”.

Ordinarily, we’d give him a pass (yeah, right), but Biden claims to be Mr. International and was trying to discredit Ryan’s foreign policy knowledge.

Turns out –- according to Google –that Syria is about 1/10th the size of Libya with over 3 times the population.




Thanks to AG-C for feeding the lead.

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