If a tree falls in the woods…

So, who watched Biden’s speech?

I was anxious last night as the clocked ticked towards 8 o’clock.

I was amped to watch the Penn State – Purdue football game and afraid that it’s first quarter would be pre-empted by by Biden’s “Prime Time” rant.

To my delight, when the clock stuck 8, FOX (the national network, not Fox News) was broadcasting the kick-off.

That aroused my curiosity.

Presidential prime time speeches are always broadcast on the major TV networks, right?

So, I quickly scanned the other networks.

Shocker: None of ABC, NBC, CBS were broadcasting the speech either.

So, I checked the cable news networks.

Only Dem-reliable CNN and MSNBC were carrying the speech.



BTW: Biden’s speech was in Pennsylvania, right?

So, why would Team Biden counter-program against a Penn State football game?

Double hmmm.

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