NPR: vast majority of Dems have high confidence in the FBI

Or, at least they did before yesterday.

Yesterday, we reported an NPR survey indicating that the Dem’s enthusiasm advantage has evaporated.

Buried in the survey’s “internals”, but not reported in the headlined story, was an interesting question:

“Do you have a great deal of confidence, quite a lot, not very much confidence, or no confidence at all in The FBI?”

For the total sample, 59% said “great deal” or “quite a bit”;  36% said “not very much” or “no confidence”; 5% were “unsure.


Survey Results

Drilling down, the results get more interesting…


There’s wide variation by party affiliation:

71% of Democrats have a great deal or quite a bit of confidence in the FBI.

That compares to 59% for Republicans and only a slim  55% majority for Independents.


Understandable that Dems would cheerlead for the FBI when they’re chasing after Trump.

But, now the FBI is colluding colluding with Trump and can’t be trusted.


Doesn’t that mean that they’re colluding with the Russians, too?



P.S. Last week, in the hearings, Grassley and Lee reminded Dems of the Biden Principle:

“An FBI investigation isn’t worth anything.”

click to view

But, taking a flyer, the Dems probably thought the Biden Principle doesn’t apply if an FBI fishing expedition uncovers information that supports an evidence-free, uncorroborated, witness-refuted case scenario.

That didn’t happen in the Thomas case … and, apparently didn’t happen in the Kavanaugh case.

But, I guess it was worth a try.


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